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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
The predecessor of the Eukaryote cell (it took obviously the genetic
knowledge of it’s past as RNA, Archaea or Extremophile cell existence with
it, because the cell differentiates clearly that the very old cell billions of
years ago could not move whereas this cell could navigate) lived in peace
in the scrotum and didn’t accept the obvious endeavours of its owner to
get going – so it needed some (loving) teasing and some applied nervous
Finally it gave up its resistance and was hurled out into the unknown,
unhappy and not knowing what the future was holding without any
sexual thoughts, only aware to be forced and fearing for its survival. This
happened precisely at the 24th of Feb. 1940 at 19.47 pm.
It is extremely noteworthy and changes some scientific assumptions
that the modern eukaryote cell disposes of the experience which has
been collected during previous possibly 13/14 billion of years at times
of previous generations of cells like the primitive pre cells, Archaeas and
extremophile cells. Because it is capable to differentiate in it’s stored
memory, that the old cell couldn’t move whereas it is able to move (to
This point of the objective recognition of another form of life is sensed by it
as normal. This appears to be sensational and to such an extent dramatic,
because in our way, how we see ourselves, we will be confronted with
dimensions which revolutionize our principle cultural and philosophical
views. In the first instance it is not important if the modern eukaryote cell
is directly related with primitive pre- cells, or if it has gained this knowledge
from somewhere else. In practical and physical development of our sexual
cells this means they are starting life in the gonades as simple cell forms
and some or many are changing morphologically during sexual courting
and during the travel to the ovum they are developing to become beside
others the modern eukaryote cells as well. The development takes place
very clearly during the ‘travel’ and can then be translated into the billion of
years of development.
This is the earliest elementary pattern which we found and it relates to the
oldest ancestor of the test person. The pre- cell is not able to move and is
fixed to the ground in a stage between inorganic matter and organic first
life. It would be very challenging to find the key to the first rudimentary
consciousness. It should probably be a wave band of electromagnetic
radiation which has started the initial ignition of organic life.
Equally it is surprising that the principle of this evolutionary story had
been known by the bible writing prophets 5000 years ago. This indicates
that basic knowledge of deepest questions of our being is rooted inside
us, independent of whether we are we literate or not ,from which culture
we are originating and on which principles our sciences and religions are
Biological cells
Firstly, cells are classified as biological cells if they are self-contained and self-maintained. Cells are converting nutrients
into energy, carry out psychological and physical functions out and exercising intra-cell metabolism through vacuoles. The
main responsibility of a cell is to reproduce through cell division and this has been very likely since they were able to divide
themselves. Each cell stores its own set of DNA instructions whose elementary patterns are the patterns, from where we
are operating and which we are discussing in this writing, keeping in mind their development occurred differently between
each other. Some people may want to differentiate: They assume to possess their own capable DNA Double Helix and the
cells have theirs – just to keep some superior distance and completely oblivious of the fact that their whole body is the one
united organism but all cells are individuals.
The expulsion from the paradise like to show the
archangel with a sword threatening Adam and Eve
to flee without mercy in mythological pictures and
writings of this archetypical event. A forced leave of
accustomed place is in accordance with the genetic
reading: Geological upheavals from an underneath
created explosions connected with change to a
burning hot climate and ended with being hurled out
into the vast Universe into a freezing environment.
Chances of survival were minimal but a mutational
improvement of the cells, achieved probably in
millions of generations to become mobile and
becoming aware of how to differentiate between
electromagnetic waves allowed it to a certain extent
to influence its direction. This was the consequence
of a desperate situation to survive; whereas in the
Bible the punishment of expulsion is a consequence
of adaptation to sophistication and logic.
Knowing that life is by principle lethargic and
doesn’t change if not forced, speaks in favour of this
observation and indicates that authors of the Bible
have turned the obvious just around to support their
case. These very risky moments of cells to survive
is true: otherwise we would not find it in the genetic