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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
To find this path it took many years of concentration and trials. The result is the product which could hardly have been
developed in the academic world. It is too far out of the deterministic analytical routine of Cartesian coined science.
Additionally, putting daily questions forward for 6 -12 years will reflect on the test person, deepen his insight and
therefore improve his interpretation of events around him and about himself.
We can compare it to the geological layers of the Earth. Our organic, mental, physiological life is structured similarly like
geological sediments and we are able to expose the basic information. But similar as we have to learn to understand
Geology, so we need to learn to decipher our daily reactions, the daily events of more or less importance. We want to
expose the shape of those treasures hidden in sediments by patiently applying the same exercise every day leading to
averaged results. Like the archaeologist who finely hammers and chisels carefully around the object and blows patiently
the lose sand away up to the moment the eyes become aware of the formation and the structure of the item.
The following example is the interpretation of elementary pattern setting in very early times, probably one of the earliest
recordings in our genome. This picture tells of sleep – not sleep as we understand it as our daily break to recover, but
sleep as motionless equilibrium, as Nirvana, as universal inhaling – exhaling without being dragged between poles of
extremities but instead covering them completely as a matter of casualness.
This picture of eternal peace changes slowly. The solid ground underneath tremors and the temperatures are getting
higher but the cell doesn’t want to leave this place. It doesn’t change its position and tries to live with this increasingly
worsening situation, feeling the harder times but doesn’t want to give up, it cannot give up because it is fixed to the
ground. Finally it becomes unbearable and the cell is being hurled out into the vast and freezing cold Universe desperately
fighting for survival. This very simple cell had been still fixed to the ground and had to learn to move.
A biblical compelling Old Testamentarian tale is the expulsion of the paradise. Eternal peace is lost and hardship sets in as
a response of Jehovah for the sin to acquire knowledge of differentiation. However, the moralistic view of contemporary
religion founders has interpreted the story following their own agenda. There was no division between female and male
individuals and the apple of cognition handed by Eve to Adam was to establish the eternal guilt of feminism in a male
domineered society. But most importantly those religious founders are changing one outstanding fact. The cell didn’t want
to leave or to change and apply sophistication as part of its own style, geological crashes and eruptions of giant measures
expelled it by force from peaceful solemnity.
In order to survive and to rationalize the cell had to learn to approach pattern as aim and differentiate between elements
and activated itself for the first time to electromagnetic waves as guide, vehicle and domicile – the original most
elementary cells were motionless fixed to the ground. The Judaism’s religion founders turned it just around and brought an
irate Jehovah into the picture as excuse for sins of grasping knowledge and consequently expelled Adam (and Eve) from
the Garden of Eden.
Beside this obviously biased interpretation, it is surprising that both stories are recording the same. The core of the story is
the same: Struggle for survival in a harsher developing environment through differentiation and mobility.
The real story is very prosaic and doesn’t reach philosophically very far.
This diagram exposes also another medical myth as untrue: medical treatment has healing capacity for long term illnesses. On the right hand we
see a single very high peak. This peak reaches an extreme high: one has to ask for a reason for the period from the 20th of January to the 5th of
February as there is no change of lifestyle. Additionally, it has to be mentioned, that this is an average value only. Single measures could go up to
180/190mmHg! This is the time, for sure, the person doesn’t feel healthy and visits the doctor. The doctor measures the pressure and confirms the
closeness of a stroke and prescribes Beta Blocker pills for regular daily intake and the strength is measured on the level of these ‘bad’ days. One to
two weeks later, however, the blood pressure is down, with and without pills. As patients, we are grateful and think the pills have done a good job and
take the pills from there on on a regular daily basis. We don’t know that the pills are dangerously overdosed. What we will achieve with regular intake,
with all certainty, is that we are ruining our body’s defence system and degenerating all natural levels of maintaining body re-creativity. After a while the
body expects pills otherwise the systolic blood pressure will go dangerously up. Side effects are taking place which require other medication to avoid
lasting damage. The patient becomes now a frequent visitor in the surgery for the rest of his life. He might think at times, his mother and his father
passed away in their 90s and his is life dangerously handicapped with 75. This part is always omitted in medical statistics.
Can the doctor be made responsible for the degenerating health? He helped in the first instance effectively in a life saving action, but in the long term
his advice is the reason for destabilization of the body strength. It doesn’t help to say the already overworked doctor has to follow the guide lines of
his profession and Health&Safety rulings. It is unfortunately also the truth that he had been trained to view human as a mechanical apparatus. There
exists a permanently increased deficit of doctors, because the demand of medical treatment is increasing even more. By blaming the medical people,
however, we are easily omitting very much that every single person is also responsible for all actions and when short-sightedness in this respect leads
to life long damage; the people have to blame themselves. It is up to them to put some thoughts into the question of health. This I state contrary to the
ruling view in our welfare society, which is poisoned additionally by a compensation culture.