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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
geological transformations and in all places of the Universe. This tells us
about the robustness as well as variability and flexibility of the biological
cell. How to produce such a thing from retorts?
Unfortunately, there is no reason for optimism: any so much needed
modification of existing human customs has never, and will never, be a
voluntary action as its socially pleasing foundation of our society would
not accept to change the prevailing complacency; the countdown of
extinguishment of larger multicellular organic life has already started.
The factual beginning of such a catastrophic destruction could trigger a
mutating development, but then it is too late.
In this respect we should be reminded: in evolutionary-biological literature
mutation is pictured often as successful adaptation and progress to higher
levels of organic life.
Nothing can be more wrong!
To describe the true facts of mutation as a mutating step: it is utmost
painful and a very risky undertaking - a fall from the sky, the expulsion
from paradise, high and thundering waves are crashing down on us and in
nearly all cases it leads to devastation and nothing and nobody ever will
have witnessed it.
Detailed contemporary biochemical scientific research about biological cells
is surgical, it is like a distanced report about organic functions. It seems
that they are existed somewhere but never lived.
This method of reporting is like an eye-to-eye encounter, like being
present; however, it can only be reported, what the cell has stored
genetically. Unfortunately, this report is limited. Things we are keen to
explore are disregarded and pictures, which have minor importance in our
eyes are gaining prime importance, just as the cell has registered them.
We are tracing the stages of development up to the time of the creation of
the Moon as the satellite of the Earth through the ‘Giant Impact Theory’.
Further on we are able to follow the Sun in its early stages of being formed
and finally we find biological life without Sun; when only radiating waves, eruptions, planetary collapses, heat and eternal
ice made up the surrounding world of our biological cell ancestors and then, finally – or better – at the beginning, when
life is embedded in eternal calmness.
This all one sees through the ‘eyes’ of the cell – of course, the cell has no
eyes , but it has registered wavelengths and gravitational powers indicating
very rudimentary characteristics. It has registered geological and climate
changes of these prehistoric times and we can expose it in between the
debris like an archaeological treasure.
We are tracing the idea of a spiritual message contained in the genome of
biological cells, in a very archaic shape. We are sensing the existence of a
powerful all-embracing morality and a contradicting timeless and space-less
ethical direction. But nothing points to human life as being a sprocket of a
giant chemo/technical apparatus how it is presented in our deterministically
ruled scientific world.
The reader may question how is it possible to find out about this and
observations of not an even visible biological cell and all this happened
billions of years ago. He may not withhold to call it an adventurous product
of a weird fantasy: such project is deemed to be drowned quickly.
Imagining the distance this research travelled and the time it took, makes
it difficult for outsiders to follow straight away. According to all available
information it is the first time in human history that we can view back
This picture may show probably one million people.
Compared to 300 trillion of cells that we are made
of, it is in percentage a hardly imaginable figure: This
mass of people represents just 0.000,000,000,033
% (Thirty three trillionth of one percent) of our cell
content, if we want to put numbers as measure. It
is just a dot compared to the rest of our body, but if
only this “dot” already – comparable to one million
of people – should fulfil a common task we are
envisaging severe problems if we are talking about
structured communication and coordination in human
society. This comparison is also justified because
the principle of communication between such
masses works equally for cells as for humans; all
are cloned individuals, all are structured single-wise,
in families, in clans, in tribes and in nations. In our
demographic structure we have copied the already
existing structure of cell organization precisely. From
the previous picture we learnt that this amount of cell
individuals is able to react as a whole in 0.25% of a
second. Human individuals put together, like on the
picture, are a comprehensive unit but would just not
achieve it altogether, never mind a timed measure.
They would argue with each other instead!
Multicellular life had no chance to survive a collision
of this dimension. Biological cells are ‘hardened
travellers’ and escaped – otherwise you and I would
not be here. The Earth would be smashed into
pieces in this crash, but we know today that it was
a sliding confrontation because both bodies rotated
in the same direction. This is the birth of the Moon,
made from the core of the incoming planet and flying
around remnants of this collision.