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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
compromise. Luzifer was and is still popular as a compassionate leader,
but as the Church could not sentence him to death, contrarily to Jesus,
as he has been in a privileged position (Archangel), he was sent to Hell
in hindsight, to kill his name Moral) at least for future generations. In our
Yin Yang picture Hell for him is to be imprisoned in the Blue Hole (Matter,
Moral) surrounded by Red Energy (Hell), but he cannot be killed and will
one day take over the power and extinguish the ethical dogmatics. As said
earlier, we are telling here about a principle, not about the fate of single
individuals. This means further on, we have not to wait probably 20 billion
of years of an Aeon before a change from Ethos to Moral takes place; this
is such a giant upheaval, we cannot imagine, so powerful, so far reaching
and excludes the existence of organic life anyway. Like Lucifer’s frequent
relegation and renewal, it happens in humanly countable times.
In a smaller timed distance and with understandable events, it happens in
cultural stages of few hundred years, and for even less important events in
human life times, every year, every month and every day.
These two elementary forces - Moral and Ethos - are clashing as they have
always done and mankind cannot be faulted to feel strong ties with its own
background from a time when matter and moral values are ruled. Is this
from a philosophical- theological point of view the paradise? And were all
the Gods of the past irate, because they didn’t want human kind to handle
sophistication but in their emotions close to the arch enemy, the matter?
Judaism is based on ethical rules, Christianity and Islam are morale orientated (to act immoral is still part of morality, not
Ethos). This could be an explanation for deep rooted divergence between Jewish people and the Christian/Islamic world,
because it touches very elementary patterns. Ironic is that Jewish people are very capable of dealing with science, art and
apply shrewdness; they are less known for highly idealistic humanitarian scopes.
It is an ethical view to visualize the aim and it is a moral view, to help somebody and for this reason to lose the aim.
Soldiers are acting ethically over all the world by nature even if as their actions are immoral by principle.
Social solidarity is based on morale responsibility even if it degenerates the originally robust cell organism – our future -
dangerously and is, as ethical responsibility, not acceptable.
The struggle between Ethos and Moral is a tight
rope to walk for multicellular life. Its is the centre
piece of all ideologies, philosophies and religions.
It is hardly solvable as life originates from soil and
finds orientation in the rays of light. Both they are
contrasting each other to the extreme. They are like
divorced parents and drag the child into their own
direction and punish merciless as both they are not
succeeding ultimately. The child has to find its own