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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
The saga about Prometheus and the Titanomachys
(Titanomacchia): It is a very archaic myth of
Ancient Greeks, Babylonian, Hittites, Vedic people,
Scandinavians and Celts are in their key elements
comparable with the expulsion from the Paradise but
with a changed tint.
It is the shift of power between generations which
plays also a key role in organic life forms. Uranus,
the first mentioned God, destroyed his children to
stay in power, but Cronos was saved by his mother.
Grown up, he castrated his father, threw the genitals
into the sea which fertilized the water and created
Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Uranus’ wife
supports the rebellion of his son Cronos, to castrate
her husband. He loses power once his energy is fading
and absorbed (castrated) in the Black Hole enabling
mother and son to take on the power.
We are following the cosmic sequence: Cronos embodies the female
principle and expands the field of matter. Cronos follows the example of
his father and destroys his children by swallowing (absorbing) them. His
wife Rhea saves her son Zeus, by offering her husband wrapped in stones
pretending it is Zeus, which he swallowed. In all case it is the wife who is
the adversary of the God. This is our present aeon and the male principle
has taken over again.
The war of giants between the older and the younger gods reflects the
shift of power between Zeus and his father Cronos, a war which lasted ten
years ( in Greek Mythology is the term ten years meant as infinitely long).
Grown up, Zeus starts the revolution, called Titanomachys, and it takes
many years to win the battle, makes his father drunk( liquidity = water)
and puts him into a cage (blue point in red field. No castration takes place
or similar action, because this aeon is of female character).
Zeus is male, no question. He is a notorious womaniser and, one has
to say, sodomist as well – always ready to produce with whomever.
Titanomachy stands for Big Bang as a long war between the decreasing
power of matter and the new dynamic powers of radiating energy
manifested by the big explosion. Zeus was easily irritated, jealous to
all who appeared to come near to his power and ungrateful to all who
helped him during his war more or less decisive. During his war with his
father Cronos, Zeus gained the support of the young Prometheus, who
as a family member of Cronos’ remaining family had changed fronts. Still
during the time of Kronos governing rule, he had created mankind from
clay and enlivened it. Once taking over power, Zeus didn’t like mankind
equipped with fire (= godlike sophistication and knowledge) and took it
away. Why Prometheus changed fronts is not clear, in one or another way
it must have had to do with the decay of the outgoing epoch.
The generation of Gods at this stage and can be attributed with
greediness, jealousy and wrath, be it the Judean God of the Bible, Zeus
and others of different cultures. Zeus punishes Prometheus, one of the
Titans who changed front in favour for him during the Titanomachys, to
be chained forever at the Caucasus (symbol for isolation) and daily being
tortured by eating a piece of his liver (symbol for life and metabolism),
which regrew at night. Prometheus had created humans out of clay and
The Myth of Prometheus: The first organic life, made from mud and clay by
Prometheus, appears on this painting already as pale and lifeless human –
of course, the reading needs to convert it to biological cell life instead. This
organic life is without the ability to differentiate. On this painting Prometheus
and Athene supplying the gift of awareness to dull organic life which was
stolen from the Heaven of Light and an irated God punished mankind for this
severely. Similar acted the biblical God, who sent tribulation and assignment of
lasting guilt to mankind for eating the apple of awareness. Painting by Christian
Griepenkerl 1877/78
With this sculpture of Prometheus being tortured
every day by the Eagle (symbol of Zeus), who
picked his liver every day piecewise, we feel for
him, because he created life and awareness. He
was heroic to defend life. On the other hand he
was known as ‘trickster’, his ancient nickname. He
treasoned against his own people,when supporting
the rebellion of Zeus during the Titanomachys, he
stole the fire from Heaven and tricked Zeus seriously
to pretend respect. He is with one word throughout
human with all the colourful attributes – struggling
permanently in all corners with questions of Moral
and hardly prepared to accept Ethos and hereby
completely omitting the home of the stolen ‘fire’,
the home of the principles of awareness. This is
still today the case: The wisdom of awareness is
connected to principles. Human being has willingly
accepted one part of it, and that is logic, but left out
the principles of wisdom.