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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
When has organic life started?
The explosion of the Big Bang is accompanied by temperatures reaching a point which doesn’t exist in our scale and can
only be followed mathematically as well as other physical elementary reactions of giant dimensions, which would not have
allowed even extreme hardy biological cells to survive. But then again, our experiences and imaginations what is possible
and not , are not counting much as we have seen. Also, one has to keep in mind that those periods took place over a long
period with changed environmental conditions. Biological pre- cells, of course, could have been hurled into Space before
one larger explosion or different explosions are setting in, it may have been an exploding period lasting millions of years,
setting in intermittently in stages. The message of this event had probably been transmitted by inorganic matter to the
building stones of the pre- cell. This we found at other occasions that between inorganic and early organic substances
were overlapping connections.
In any case, it would be helpful if this could be verified in future, as unfortunately, the cell has not reported the name and
time of this intial event to assist us.
Alternatively, the creation of biological cell life could be an event to do with the later creation of the Solar System, but
which event of such dimensions would suit the contents of the story? The creation of life is indeed of cosmic influence
– other developments of specific life forms may have followed separately in the giant Cosmos like multicellular life is an
earthly product only. Regarding the ‘Great Impact Theory’ on the Earth there are existing different, later reports by the
During this research it has been confirmed again and again, life, organic and inorganic substance, galactic events, they all
are following certain patterns and hardly inventing if at all new methods. All changes and mutations are following previous
patterns for newly developing applications and requirements. Nothing new will turn up – but the old will be modified and
applied for new necessities.
This makes it so challenging to find out about the time and circumstances of creation of life as the stages are reflections
of earlier developments of inorganic nature and cosmic events. To confirm elementary patterns, we have as well to look to
Mythology, archaic symbols and behavioural aspects to see where we find parallels.
For instance, the male and female principle is not an invention of sexual re-productivity, but it is of truly cosmic origin and
has been copied by the need to unite temporary opposing principles. Matter is no question of female characteristics, in
Astrology it is Earth and Water. It is passive but insistent, it is retracting, fertile, creative and moralistic. Whereas Energy
is of male characteristic, in Astrology it is Air and Fire. It is active, demanding, aggressive, careless and ethical. Both have
nothing to do with the factual sexuality of individuals.
As follow-up development, this elementary cosmic principle has been kept up today between male and female adversaries
and in the same sense both need each other not only because of re-productivity but as a balance of diverging forces.
Therefore, many points speak in favour that organic cells without any sexual drive are coined to be of female or male
characteristic and when sexuality has been introduced, ‘only’ out one billion years ago, it found its natural consequence.
It appears that pre-cell life has been created at the last culmination of the Cosmos, when energy had been trapped being
absorbed by the Black Hole and responded with a giant explosion. The early semi-organic life reflects the motions of the
cosmos and it continues for multicellular life as well. The whole conception is a replica of cosmic processes. The Ovum is
large, the sperm is small; the body of the new life will be created from the ovum; the sperm is the aggressor; the sperm
is part of ejaculative explosion; the sperm is hurled out into the unknown; the parallels are without end. If organic life had
been created after the Big Bang, it is sure, the whole process of conception would hardly have been borrowed from this
cosmic event. This confirms surely that the pattern for the sexual process of conception had been carried passively with
the cell life for nearly 13 billion years and had been activated only one billion years ago.
There are a number of similar mythological tales, which are spread over many cultures at completely different times. These
tales tell the same story of events with differing style and circumstances. They are meant for people at those times, full of
charm and captivating the mind because of the narrative element and poetry as well as the archaic symbolism. Whereas
our more documentary styled way of reporting demands analytical precision as priority and thereby loses imaginative
Mythological tales are remarkable in their depth and not products of fantasy. Heinrich Schliemann followed Homer’s Illiad
and the Odyssey poems and he dug out the ancient Troy. Many cultures keep as their treasure mythological tales, which
are told differently but are rooted in the same prehistoric event. It is difficult to comprehend that people, without natural
sciences in the modern style, hardly literate and if, than in a elaborate language for only few selected ones, without
printing facilities to communicate, were able to tell the story of our prehistoric early life in all details how we could not do it