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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
in order to utilize light and chemical elements as energy source.
At this point, this research becomes tedious and leaves for now the comparatively more secure reading of elementary
genetics and, unavoidably, it becomes more speculative.
However, this somehow resignation to the observation of facts and logical consequences has to be improved in so far as
we are much better equipped. First, with the experience to follow the path of organic and inorganic foundations, we are
able to see directions. Like buoys in the water, at least we have valuable hints how to sail.
Secondly, we can find support with mythological tales. As we have already discussed the expulsion from the Paradise,
whose basis appears to be truthful. This tale is narrated for people who didn’t know about cell development, elementary
patterns and Big Bang; the story is told in a very personalized style, but beside this, it is a very elucidating account.
New developments are following the set mode of previous experiences, hardly anything will change dramatically overnight;
only seeing it as distant history, it appears to be an endless sequence of accumulated highly dramatic events like Big Bang,
planetary collisions, black hole, dark matter and implosions. The truth is that those historic events are stretched out; if
we were present as observers we would probably state, nothing happens, things are going on as always since millions of
The Galaxies are spreading out in light speed for the last 13.82 billion of years. It appears that light speed is changing
during this stage (Einstein, 1911): it is not constant. The Yin Yang artwork
below demonstrates the cycles precisely.
Red shows the energy, blue indicates the matter. The Big Bang happened
when energy was trapped by the absorbing matter, shown here as the
red point in the blue field. Energy has found its way out of imprisonment
and explodes into the Cosmos, initially with the faster than today’s speed
of light, first into the narrow red field. The more space it occupies the
more the speed of light decelerates. The matter is under pressure of
the expanding energy to defend itself and does it by imploding at one
or several places. This is shown at the blue point inside the red field of
energy. At an earlier stage it has been faster, this is now confirmed, which
means, it is slowing down now as well and at one stage it will reach a point
of culmination, time and space disappear, and thereafter, slow first but then
with increasing speed it starts to retract. Therefore light waves are curved,
distorted by gravitational influence. If this were not the case, then the Big
Bang would never have happened, because the whole Universe would have
remained static at whatever original state and organic life would never
have seen the light of the day, because there is no triggering point to lead
to something like the development of biological cells.
The energy has reached the culmination point, it doesn’t expand any more
and will be absorbed through the increasing density resulting in increasing
gravity of the Black Hole. At one stage the retracting light will extinguish
space-time and return to point zero, and dark matter is concentrated on
one point of giant gravity and light, space and time disappear. This is a
stage with increasing gravity – metaphorically a Nirvana without awareness
or direction, without space and time – in infinite calmness. This stage is not
The energy is trapped and matter spreads out into the cosmos, into
time and space, thinning its density and reducing slowly gravity. It is not
possible to describe this scenario, there are applying fully other physical
conditions and the imagination has difficulties to follow the expansion of
inert matter and losing density and gravity. The preparations of a new Big
Bang are taking place.
We are living in a stage of ever expanding energy but the Black Holes are there as well. Possibly two thirds of one Aeon
have been passed, from Big Bang to the culmination of energy expansion.
This hypothetical repetition of galactic Aeons is been put forward by philosophers of many cultures and ancient and
modern times, because it seems the only possible way to interpret the lack of constancyis by triggering changes of
A better artistic imagination of Cosmic forces and
their complimentary oneness is not imaginable
and shows the depth of Chinese philosophy. In this
picture matter is blue, energy is red. When one of
them shrinks, the other expands. The key of the
philosophical thought is the blue point inside the red
field, and the red point inside the blue field. When the
red point, the compressed energy, finally explodes
(Big Bang) it will expand with speed of light and drive
the imploding matter into the gravity densified blue
point (black Hole) inside the red field of energy and
the energy will be absorbed (distorted = Einsteins
Relativity Theory) by it. Both elements need each
other to thrive, in the same time they are struggling
with each other fiercely. Artwork: Yin Yang Dos by Pin
Cushion Vashapocalypse/DeviantArt