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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
Further: “Who says that your are qualified for a possible survival as spirit? What and which part of yourself would have
survived? Your well-shaped legs and big eyes attractive to men; or your manhood, your fashionable haircut, your soap
opera knowledge, your holiday experiences, your career or your love for cars? – Aha – nothing of this but something
eternal. What eternal? Fear is eternal, arrogance is eternal, wisdom and modesty are eternal! Which ones do you want to
see surviving in eternity? With other words and with understanding of your delicate situation, you are embodying on this
Earth a temporary short-lived trend of fashion including dear social components and this you want to see maintained in
eternity. I don’t know if this is so simple. Perhaps you have as a self declared crown of creation to get something properly
“Besides this, you are living on Earth some billion years, before you had your home on different celestial bodies. If this had
not been the case, you and I wouldn’t be here. Every man, animal and plant reaches through confusing evolutionary paths
back to the elementary beginnings.”
“However, you will not die, because radiation, which contributed to your life as human being, is the place in the skies to
return to. But its now not any longer pure radiation, it returns as spirit of all variable degrees of quality. Such degrees
of quality are according to values you have lived during your time on Earth. Here on Earth, you have the chance to add
qualities, thereafter your patterns are set.”
“You can congratulate yourself, you have lived for billions of years. You started as an innocent blob containing
glycolaldehyde and from there you became a well-travelled and experienced individual and in all this time the ingenious
cell division omitted the restriction through mortality. However, even to live billions of years doesn’t take away, that at the
end all life is mortal. But such spans of time are of nobody’s concern now. Therefore this could be called semi-immortality.”
“Are you scared and terrified about limitations after life on Earth?”
The final point of this chapter is to say something after deceasing as multicellular about the new domicile and the
surrounding situation there. We can absolutely say, that life is not finished with the death of the multicellular. Between
living and deceased ones exists a lively communication, more than we want to believe and further reaching than we want
to admit. The material part, the corpse, remains there, where it came from. The energetic part returns also where it came
from. The framework of pattern, the soul and true individuality, doesn’t find necessarily a domicile in the realm of energy.
The first point, the Promethean approach is now lived and by radiating divine powers disapproved of. Secondly, organic
life was surrounded by matter inspired morals; the ruthlessness and thoughtlessness of radiating divinity would mostly
lead to infinite persecutions. The elevated spirit or soul has to find a way in between energy and matter. By all accounts,
the spirit is on a divine level and is enabled to embrace the whole Universe time- and space-less and enabled to be part of
expansion and retraction. But it is not enabled to change matter or to handle it. It can’t move rocks, that radiating energy
can and it is not able to reshape light waves, that matter can.
If anything, the spirit has to learn to convince both the powerful forces to do it on its behalf, and as it is with parents or
neighbours, sometimes there are animosities but often enough there are reasonable and good contacts.
This is the real challenge on earth time – in universal terms, it is like the womb and reality starts after the time in the
womb. It is about to develop and progress abilities which are essentially needed after deceasing. The further life as
Spirit is one octave higher, but is otherwise not so different to Earth life, but the measures for the true character become
sharper. Here on Earth we are spoilt somehow by mother Matter and his doesn’t go through as simple as we are used to.
Nothing is so difficult to bear like helplessly to fall back into the realms of either parental powers: Matter wants to make
out of spirit a piece of soulless matter and radiating energy to shoot the spirit as a thoughtless arrow throughout the place.
This is the real challenge: to be sufficiently fit by character and grateful to both parental forces despite their weaknesses
to keep their own direction. It is not important how we establish strength of character and which ideas we are following,
important is to do it honestly.
Therefore, it can be stated the new domicile is everywhere and keeps possibly where it responds best to its own
Moralistic considerations and ethical directives are melting down to one point. This makes organic life unique, closes the
circle and is one up to now unknown spiritual force.
Cosmic cycles
Research of biological cell life in the way as practiced here is deemed to finish at the point, once the reading of the
prehistoric genetic code is not longer available. This is like we are following traces in the sand, but after many miles
despite our improved ability to recognize imprints, they disappear at times and begin to fade. One landmark for
orientation of this report is the recorded forced awakening from a stage of equilibrium and wholeness. We are able only
to interpret how and what has been recorded and can assume it has been a long period of hibernation. Before this, the
earliest recordings show the first elementary patterns of metabolism and the establishment of a rudimentary genetic code