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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
It happened that a cardiac-nurse was just there and knew what to do in this case of a stroke. Therefore this event goes
even a step further, because it includes one other innocent person, which becomes involved and is instrumental to save
the person.
A spirit made it possible to structure the presence of a helping person in this emergency situation. This nearly unbelievable
process is in so far difficult to follow, as this nurse arrived only in this moment. Consequently, the timing of the stroke was
a surprise for the person involved but not for the helping spirit, because the nurse arrived there not knowing to be ‘called’
to become active. As a specialist she had the experience to act assertively and successfully and not only saving the life but
avoiding any other follow-up damage.
The moments before transition to death are painful, the transition itself is already neutralized regarding the conscious
acceptance ‘to be dead’ and the connection to the quickly tracked earthly responsibilities and relationships are fading as
being important. It was never a feeling of termination of life.
If transcendental issues are discussed, it becomes easily an esoteric clouded product of fantasy and one loses touch of
hard realities. One has always to be aware of this danger when discussing such subjects of this kind. On the other hand,
to call every unusual happening ‘coincidence’ as sceptics hiding behind a pseudo-scientific denial are tending to do once it
goes beyond their radius of understanding, is equally thoughtless.
Not only since Einstein’s famous observation, “He doesn’t play dices” it is known by profound thinkers, in thousand of years
of different human cultures that coincidence doesn’t exist. But generally one calls it coincidence, because the sphere we
are living in, doesn’t allow any other explanation. Coincidence doesn’t exist, it is just so simple!
The other side of heavenly eternity has to be stated too: the realm of radiation is rootless and ruthless, merciless and
thoughtless, it is a fluctuating, brilliant beam of light whereas matter with its gravitational characteristics of inertia cannot
do anything else than establish stability.
The elementary pattern ‘character’ remains at the closest with its principal ‘matter’. When it came to the merger with
radiation, character became ‘matter inspired by radiation’ and not vice versa. Matter never inspires radiation as it is inert.
But, matter knows well than to irritate the straight lines of light as we know since Einstein’s formulation of the Relativity
The heading of this chapter ‘Life and Death’ gains now a more complex meaning. One can call the beginning of life ‘the
merger of matter and radiation’ and death ‘the de-merging of matter and radiation’. These irritations of radiation and the
hammering of inertia by both with each other lead to the development of spirit, because they are the reason for mutant
development of organic life and parallel for other inorganic processes.
The ingenious invention of cell division allows us to call such a life period semi-immortal, it lasts over many billions of
years, and the less harmonized invention of multicellular life is, unfortunately for us humans, a very short timed experience
but exciting as it speeds up the development towards divine responsibility or is soon already extinguished of its own doing.
With death the material substance of organic life becomes again matter and, similarly, patterns the expression of blessed
or experienced radiation, become spirit in the realm of radiation.
However, the framework of patterns consists in the shape of the double Helix physically made from matter. (This doubting
thought came to the author with the content of previous sentences and became a sudden point of concern. That night,
he dreamt very realisticly to be caught in his car by a speed camera and as he looked up, the speed camera flashed a
second time, to catch his face for proof that it was him to be driving the car. Surreal was that this event happened in his
garden. This dream turned out to be a typical spiritual message: The message is: the matter framework of patterns in
shape of DNA proteins stays within the boundaries of matter and will decay, but it will be like photographed in shape of the
Aura and in so far it is attributed to the matter-less spirit. The ‘irreal setting’ of the garden indicates it is part of the very
own inner self. We are permanently bombarded – with or without dreaming – by directions. The point is if we don’t have
questions, messages appear to be senseless and are not given any further thought.
It is an essential precept to add quality during our stay on Earth. We are allowed to take it with us.
A sceptic could object, “When I am dying, all cells are dying as well and the thing with the surviving spirit it is wishful
thinking, very much a speculation.”
We would respond: “It starts always with the same misunderstanding. I cannot die as ‘I’ am is not existing, but the cells of
my body die at a given time. I am the cells – there is no ‘me’ to be separated from the cells”.