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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
It is difficult to predict the format and the shape of after- earth life. Some religions speak about the merits during earth-life
to earn eternal salvation in the aftermath or to be dumped into hell.
Whatever and however we turn things around, it is undeniable that earthly multicellular life as a physical and spiritual
entity was created at conception and is ending at the time of physical death. In contrast the biological cell is semi
immortal through unlimited cell division and overcomes in this way its physical limitation.
The previous chapter covered some aspects of patternized cell life. It is now time to go into this a bit deeper. The
substance of potentially developing pre- cells is based on matter. The strange new acquisition is the ability to metabolize
nutritional intake in the shape of light or chemicals like sulphur, but also here as in all other mutants, there is a grey
line of ambivalence. Is this already the earliest imaginable primitive form of organic life or is it still matter, adding some
rudimentary functions for its inorganically based, but radiation inspired, individuation?
If we finally cross the line and can call it like RNA based organic life, it has added the patternized process of metabolism,
even in its most simple form.
Also apparently long living cells die as the ‘Hayflick’test has shown. After about 50 cell divisions the remaining original part
of the mother cell dies but through cloning it has kept itself alive in all its characteristics. Other cells practice immortality
through the enzyme telemorase which is enabled to repair stem cell DNA sequences and herewith avoids death through
senescence (age related) or apoptosis (programmed cell death) but cannot avoid to become prey for others. Cancerous
cells are immortal for this reason. Very tiny multicellular organisms like the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula and Tardigrades
are immortal, but affected heavily by being eaten. Here multicellular life has managed to progress into immortality and is
being studied intensively by human researchers to learn how to copy this advantage.
This is not the case with ‘glycoladehyde blob’ as a basis for metabolism and the DNA double helix it doesn’t clone itself into
multiples, it sinks once dead back to where it came from. (However, also here has to be made the point, that in changed
circumstances and environments this may vary).
This means, when the first organic life having just crossed the line from
being matter only, if this dies with or without cloning, the matter will still
sink back to where it came from.
But the first pattern for metabolic processes as settled part of radiating
power, it doesn’t sink back – it is of spiritual nature, created by radiated
chemical components of the matternised cell and becomes useless now
with the death of its host. Only because it is weightless and invisible, it
cannot be denied its existence as pattern and in this capacity it is very
present. This elementary pattern now within its gained framework of
activity has no other choice than to disappear again into space and
timelessness, where it came from.
What arrived once as a pure radiating force returns now in a spiritual state
by adding very modest metabolic experiences which it has developed by
merging with matternised substance. Spirit could be defined as a radiating
force with added attributes. Radiation is soulless but becomes blissful
through purposefulness.
Our contact with deceased ones is on a level that we are facing on Earth
and this means these spiritual contacts are corresponding deeply with our
own patterns and refusing acceptance, which we are lacking of ourselves.
When we are saved in an unforeseeable and sudden life endangering
situation through ‘luck’, our patterns had been open to receive the
spiritual message of what to do in no-time. There is no luck, there is no
This is a personal experience of the author coming near to death caused
by stroke. The experienced sensations in brief notes: ‘Being aware to be
dead, tracking back outstanding issues and disregarding them, confronted
with the search for the handle of a surreal shaped black door and in the
moment of entering the death zone invited by a wonderful light and then
unwillingly called back’. This may be completed by an addition.
“People close to death but then revived
have images similar like this photo. As it
happened once to me I remember I didn’t want
to return but to move on towards this light.
There is in my view no doubt that we can be in touch
with deceased people close to us if we are open to
do so – most people are not. In some cases such
‘spiritual relations’ obviously are concerned about us
as they help miraculously. On the other hand they
can also tempt us to become involved in doubtful
actions with all consequences. They appear to be
existing in a matter-free and moral-free surrounding
and acting naively according to their quality of
experience. Spirits may be missing the heavy soil we
are walking and acting on as a lost opportunity to do
better.” Gerd Ney