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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
We are using the term ‘time’ like an independent value. The value ‘day’ is only good as long as the Earth revolves around
the Sun and time basics are changing every moment. Time is truly relative as it is expanding with speed of light.
Therefore we started with the trip to the castle. Time is bridging two points in at least two different speeds – time wants to
be compared; otherwise time would disappear completely. And time seems to disappear: as the Entanglement of Quantum
Physics proves photons are able to avoid timed delays on huge galactic distances and communicating as one photon is
doing accurately what the other photon does in the same moment, even if the first is artificially disturbed in its movements
through tests, for instance.
At least it is one confirmation to Planck’s, Bohr’s, Heisenberg’s and Bell’s Quantum Theory and has very recently being
expanded by Nick Harvey. It is the amazing fact of Synchronicity, Symmetry or Parallelism of movements and time. It is
like C.F. Jung’s Synchronicity – human minds (including deceased ones) are confronting each other like in an appointment
at the same second without any foregoing communication.
Without doubt, this alternative view on timelessness and spacelessness comparing it to the Stirling Castle visit, is difficult
to follow empirically. In the next chapter we will discuss some details. It is an ‘infinite’ time and spacelessness, because
it doesn’t concentrate on one point but it is time- and space-less because of the infinity of its radius.
This is difficult to follow, it is like a surreal dream; with our empirically upcoming from matter we may understand the point
of concentrated time- and spacelessness as a process of retraction, but it is empirically for us difficult to comprehend the
infinity as description of not facing physical or morally based lines of responsibility.
The first sentence in the first chapter started with a question and the answer is now apparent. The cohesion of 300 trillions
of cell units is not comprehensible for our to time and space relating mind; they are synchronized timeless with each other
as one unit.
Life and Death
The birth and death of organic life is clouded. In the first case – birth – it was not there yet and in the second case –
death - it will there any longer. No marking is there that life began and no marking is there that life has finished beside the
lifeless corpse.
With a few words we could explain, why life and death are not registered conscientiously in this pattern setting process,
but this is not satisfactory as it is too short. Outside of our sphere of life, there is nothing hinting that organic life has any
precedence over anything else even if our on individuality based feelings of superiority are deeply hurt and we don’t like to
accept this fact to be put in line with a chicken or dandelion.
It doesn’t help to say that the chicken and dandelion are unaware, lacking of consciousness and we have deserved a
better fate, because we are consciously concerned about questions of life. This is not thoughtful to say because according
to their level of requirements, chicken and dandelions are very conscious about their specific environment and some of
their senses work better than ours, others apparently are not existing.
The question of life and death is probably the most concerning subject in our life, often enough covered up, especially in
younger years, but then bursting out at other occasions vehemently. Most people are living in a quietly carried forward
fear of their ultimate fate. Others cling to religions blindly of which each one claims to spread the only truthful gospel. This
means the vast majority anyway are erring because they have set trustingly their belief into a wrong faith: all religions are
claiming monopoly and only one could be right, if any, altogether. The rituals are laid out to soothe the stingy question of
eternity and they are promising to trust that a place in heaven is achievable.
Fewer people are distanced to religious theories and keep themselves stoically relaxed looking their fate in the eye without
The pain of passing away could be much worse, but there are some patterns, which are clouding the mind. These patterns
are set to keep a balance in a stressful situation. Somebody who is seriously handicapped will see his situation, according
to his character of course, but then probably live with the detailed challenges of his surrounding in the same mode like
somebody who is fully fit and meets his challenges in life. From the view of the fitter one is the life of a handicapped one
most miserable, from the view of a philosophising social outsider it is the fitter one with his healthy challenges who faces
such a miserable situation as he is being stretched and bent by society. The same philosopher could turn around and say
that the handicapped one with his limitations but brave courage is the enviable one.
Somebody who is chronically under mental stress, concentrates his radius of view around his abilities independently of the