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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
They appear to be made out of matter but their drive is dynamically
orientated and this is part of the realm of radiation. On a whole,
multicellular life or single cell units are a combination of both elements
from where they are inheriting characteristics. They were forced to use
elementary patterns out of the realm of inorganic matter as tools to
survive, and therefore would it be explainable that vegetatively they are
close to matter and not the dynamics of radiation. On the other hand it
appears very odd, that radiation adapts to orientation on matter based
patterns. It is imaginable that electromagnetic radiation forms its own
orientation by shaping inertia. In a matter-less Universe, radiation would be
lost in chao; it would disappear. In a radiation-less Universe, matter would
just shrink through gravity to a point of nothing. This happened before
the Big Bang and radiation has been the trigger for such a giant galactic
It could be assumed that in galactic periodical Aeons these two powers
are alternating their dominance. The pre-Big Bang period appears to be
characterized by rule of matter – leading to the Black Hole, absorbing
time and space . After the Big Bang, it is the ruler-ship of radiation which
expands in light speed and hurls matter in all directions. At one stage in
the far future, the power of radiation will shrink and the whole Universe
retracts again.
We are living now in a stage domineered by expanding radiation and
reshaping inertia. This means the creation of patterns are defence
mechanisms for inorganic matter and organic life but more it means
substantiated creation of harmonies and order. It is touching to see shapes
and figurations naturally made from the confrontational encounter of these
two forces, like ammonites or limitless differing beautiful geometric crystals
of snow flakes.
What else is distortioned radiation other than the exit point to shape inertia
of matter into harmonies; similar to challenging organic life through fateful
shake up to reach a perfect order?
One would not imagine that
organic life initially did turn
up suddenly. It is a long
process of trial and error
and viewing the length of
time for the development
from inorganic substances
of primitive self replicating
semi cells to the modern
Eukaryote cells, it has to
be understood that this has
just not been possible on
Earth: fossilized cells have
been found aged about 3.5
- 4 billion years, 500 million
of years after the Earth was
created and this is just not
This process of mutant
trials up to self-replicating
organic life may have
needed under those circumstances, further billion of years.
Also one has to think that processing (through photosynthesis) and
‘reproducing’ (through cell division) didn’t necessarily evolve parallel. In
contrary, it is very unlikely. Therefore, it is questionable as some scientific
This is a very imaginative photo of a tree-like
spreading Dentritic pyrolusite mineral which could
also represent a fossilized plant.
The question may be raised who has copied whom.
It must be the plant who copied, because the mineral
is so much older. But it shows the plant disposes of
the same pattern. Photo:Aramgutang Solenhofen/
The crystal of a snowflake is a mathematical miracle.
Photo by Kenneth G. Libbrecht (
A repetitive aesthetic form is this picture of the rolled
up tail of a salamander; similarly shaped to the
foetus,galaxies or ammonites.
Photo by Michael Taylor
This piece of Quartz grows as well in a geometrical
shape. However, remarkable is it grows mirrorlike to
both sides – right and left. Photo: Didier Descouens
Herault, Languedoc-Roussillon