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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
A big surprise is the style and courting for the cell partner, the sexual behaviour and the illusions, which we are daily
experiencing in our society, the courting shrewdness and the trusting love, are already are in existence many million years
ago. Thinking deeper about it, probably there is no reason for any surprise. One should only be surprised if this were not
the case because we are a macro-embodiment of Micro cell life. Hence, we should be surprised if this were not the case.
It is impressive that we are able to look so clear into their past. Unfortunately we cannot securely predict the future – our
cells don’t give us a hint. Our biological life is built on experience and not on foresight. Perhaps the mathematical law of
Entropy and Probability can explain this fact? It has been calculated by the Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann (1877) and has
been refined by Max Planck. This mathematical law construes, that everything moves from simplicity to complexity, from
a small figure to a large figure, from order to disorder. For this reason we are sensing time as a movement forward – from
the past to the future.
Elementary Patterns
The setting of patterns is the subject of Ethology and Human Ethology.
The founder of Ethology, Prof. Konrad Lorenz, made the research of patterns to become his main subject and received
1973 the Nobel Prize in recognition “for discoveries in individual and social behaviour patterns”. Hopefully, it is possible to
follow this noble ethological path and widen this subject by researching the roots of patterns, the elementary patterns, by
looking far behind us into prehistoric evolutionary development.
Pattern setting itself is a natural act to establish and preserve the own entity against dispersal. Elementary Patterns are
set following first time experiences as a general rule and with repetitions that are refined. It is not a privilege of organic
life; it applies throughout the whole cosmos. If a squared piece of broken granite from sediments underneath is reaching
the surface on Earth and is exposed to sea and winds at the shores, it will slowly be round shaped in many years and by
letting the elements smooth over the surface and reducing therefore its resistance to natural hostile forces it preserves
itself temporarily. The same pattern is applied in the setup of the Universe – celestial bodies, not younger comets or
asteroids, mostly are round shaped. We cannot say that round shaping is a creation of the square rock; equally organic life
doesn’t create its own patterns to exist. It is a natural law.
Patterns are reducing the variety of choice but strengthening assertiveness and especially speed to react. This means they
could morally and ethically be ambivalent and not easy to categorize, but they are efficient for a short while or lasting life
Oscillating electromagnetic waves are fiercely battling with the inertia of matter. Substance is put under high pressure by
gravity and this unimaginable high pressure which is only to comprehend through mathematical formulas, absorbs time
and space: this is the Black Hole.
An eruption in a giant and fiery inferno, faster than the speed of light, triggered possibly by electromagnetic radiation and
the high pressure: this is the Big Bang which started 13.82 billion years
ago. Incessant stretching, kneading and hammering of inertia results in
activation of defence mechanisms and formulates solutions to survive:
these are elementary patterns.
This eternally lasting wrestling between such forces like matter and
radiation, has been and is is part of the biological cell’s elementary
pattern in order to secure, in between those forces, its own existence.
This has been astonishingly successful in so far as the biological cell life
had survived the last 4 billion years. Very likely dates the existence of cells
further back; very likely is the existence of cells much older. Following
this research, Elementary patterns could reach up to a time of the Big
Bang, even before the Big Bang, however, there is a speculative element
included. Deciphering the oldest genetic records it shows circumstances
which are equalling the events of the Big Bang; because timed records
are not there that are required – like a puzzle – to put tediously the single
characteristics of events together and assess the age more accurately.
It is difficult to decide if biological multicellular units or singly living cells
belong to matter or are they part of the dynamics of electromagnetic
radiation? Obvious is the foundation of organic life rooted in inorganic
realms and that ‘directions’, for instance, are closer to the field of radiation.
Forming of patterns is not an invention of organic life.
Like the ripples at the beach, the flying leaf in the
wind or rounded stones, patterns are appearing to
be useful to develop – at least for a prolonged time
– to protect the own entity which natural elements
at the end will still destroy. Our very human patterns
have been copied very clearly from inorganic matter.
(Picture by Tony Taffinder).