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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
‘obese’ doesn’t exist in American University language, I assume, probably for discriminatory reasons. Especially American
children suffer under obesity, as every visitor notices when visiting America). Such advice is dangerous, because differing
weight level is a healthy inter-cell metabolic exercise and to interfere naively is irresponsible. An unusually high difference
of weight levels is indicating more likely that the metabolism desperately struggles against the intake of unhealthy food
and lack of movement. This advice is not to be found in any abstract of American universities.
There is an excellent scientific book written about the Moon and is also called ‘Moon’ by Rick Stroud, an Oxford trained
scientist and Radio/TV documentarian. Besides most valuable information, he insists there is no influence of the Moon on
differing liquidity or weight levels and puts calculations and arguments forward, but accepts the influence on the earthly
tides of the oceans.
Here is the answer to the question of differing weight levels: The differing weight level relates to all multicellers and not
to single wise living biological cells. It is one of the elementary patterns, about 1.2 billion of years old, and is directed to
the fertilization process of the female ovum. At fertilization stage it increases the weight of the motherly ovum: it is the
readiness of the ovum to complete the fertilization process. The additional liquidity supplied to the ovum through gravity
of the moon during conception may soften or confuse hormonally the prehistorically conditioned resistance and hostility
towards the accessing sperm. This is the conception and the most convincing theory.
This diagram shows the weight difference of a male over the period of one year. The values on left side are kilograms; below are 360 days divided into
12 Zodiac signs, each consisting of 30 degrees or 30days. As application of synodic timing (earthbound) time correspondents with applied sidereal
time, it indicates strongly, that multicellular life has been created on Earth and not somewhere in the Universe. The averaged values of the diagram
are originating from 13 years of registration and are stable also in the case of sudden social or health implications. The max. annual difference is about
2.5kgs. We are noting that the weight differences are of gravitational influence. This we are stating because all peaks and troughs are on the opposite
position just showing the opposite value, the ebb and tide effect.
Each Zodiac sign contains 30 days. Each dotted vertical line equals 3 days of the year and as each Zodiac sign consists of 10 vertical lines; this adds
up to 30 days. Therefore Zodiac 5, for instance, is the half of the Virgo cycle = 15 days. Zodiac sign Virgo commences at 23rd of August, Virgo 5
states the half and this equals 15 days and is therefore 5 – 7th of September. Between 5th and 7th of September the test person reaches the highest
point of annual weight, whatever the basic weight may be. (During these 13 years the permanent weight level of the test person has been increased
by more than 10kgs., but this fact doesn’t influence the shape of the curves. The shape of the curves is slightly altered, however, by changing
characteristics and repeated physical undertakings like travel at the same time ). This analysis is based on the rotation of the Sun.
With the same diagram I can also apply a different reading. If we base the analysis on the rotation of the Moon, the whole period is either 27.32
degrees/days long, as sidereal timing, or 29.52 days as synodic timing. This is the time for the Moon to rotate a full circle in any month from Aries
to Pisces. (The vertical pointed lines, each at value of 3 days, have to be disregarded for this exercise as now the subdivisions of 27.32 (sidereal)
or 29.52 (synodic) days are ruling). This leads us into answer for the conception. In this case one needs to have the knowledge of the month of
conception. The highest point (of weight) represents the Moon position of the month of conception and in this example the half – Virgo5 – is about
13-14 degree in Virgo (sidereal) or 14-15 degree in Virgo. This is somehow complicated and requires more efforts to explain. However, whereas for
setting of Elementary Patterns the sidereal time makes sense; for the conception we achieve more precision with application of Earth time, the synodic
time. The conclusion doesn’t allow doubts: Multicellular life has been created on this Earth. One more point may be mentioned. With this diagram it is
possible to reflect the day of the year of the highest weight level (Sun); on the other hand it indicates precisely the part of the day when the conception
took place. (Moon) This is parallelism of time in the original sense.