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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
5 days as ‘bad’ days. It is significant that 360 degrees of the circle are so well dividable for all purposes. Divisors are:
1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,15, 18,20,24,30,36,40,45,60,72,90,120 and 180. It just happens now that the Sun’s rotation around
the Universe falls together as multicellular life reaches a peak point. This circular rotation with 360 degree-units is so very
important, because now we can handle so much easier the parallelism of Time – see the last chapter “Human Ethology:
Parallelism of time related dimensions.”
This clock face of 360 degree serves as a transformer of differing time scales. It is like an adjustable magnifying glass:
electromagnetic waves (light waves) are showing microscopic details or macroscopic dimensions for organic life and
inorganic matter. The degrees of those circles are the hands of the clock and are comparable to time, the circle is the
space; both are space-time.
13.82 billion of years (time since Big Bang event) is included in 360 degrees but in the same time one hour or one minute
of earthly life could also be transformed to 360 degrees. 360 degrees could, of course, be further subdivided but practical
experience shows that further subdivision results in a blurred analytical picture.
Light waves are relatively constant – relative, because they are expanding and retracting during the long Galactic periods.
However, for the purpose of this research it is relevant when events are measured in long spacetime stages.
They are hitting the object from all directions and this would be a static condition, but as the Earth rotates the impact
changes permanently and repeats itself daily, lunarmonthly and annually, with a refined measure all 25.800 years with the
return to the given exit position, called precession equinoctis. Because of this the direction alters of specific waves. As the
waves are arriving from all directions, they are crossing each other. These crossovers are instrumental for genetic storage
of biological cells, hedged for easy understanding, but offer a picture of events and of lived experiences as patterns, in
prehistoric first experiences as elementary patterns. These crossovers lasting only few seconds or few minutes and will
then make place for another crossover.
There are about 600 daily full degree electromagnetic crossovers which we are using in the framework of this research.
The figure altogether is limitless.
Differences in body weight
It is a fact that the body weight is subject to irregular changes without apparently immediate involvement from us
through quantity or quality of food intake or physical exercise and scientifically it could not be confirmed even today,
the reason for variations. These annual changes are amounting to about 2 – 3% difference of the body weight. Other
short term variations of weight have to do with female cycles and with illnesses and are completely independent of the
regular differences of annual variations. Of course, longer term quantity of nutrition has an influence on weight changes,
as well as psychological factors like stress. The body reacts quite flexibly if food intake is reduced and responds with
increased levels of utilization of food – to be slimming is not part in the genetically provided package to overcome times of
This is a subject of utmost importance because the food industry needs an explanation as well as the doctor and the
fitness trainer in order not to mislead diagnoses. Medical research appears to be especially confused. Countless reports
and abstracts in the Internet are indicating this lively interest of universities, healthy nutrition centres, fitness trainers and
Some reports make you smile: for instance, when a Dutch institute for nutrition were scrutinizing tribal folk in Africa and
trying to see connections between social deprivation and fluctuating body weight levels.
In another study Japanese researchers put 500 women into a compound and distributed the same quantity and quality
of food every day as well as allowing the same hours of sleep in order to observe if weight levels would differ. Yes, they
differed still.
Japanese researchers also put a northern Japanese group of seals under a measured diet, because an annual weight
difference of 30 – 40% is unexplainable - without result.
American University members obviously were trotting with cattle to observe unusual habits of weight loss – even today
they could not help farmers to increase the return on investment.
Germany’s well disciplined researchers don’t go easily away without answer: they got involved with birds and found the
reason for weight differences: they are rooted from circadian cycles. (The term ‘circadian’ is used to refer to prehistoric
ages of different time scales and is used by scientists, I may add a bit cynica, if there is no answer.)
Less smiles are allowed for some American and European universities, which are relating weight differences to cardiologic
problems, especially for children and advice about medical renal treatments and diuretic and antidiuretic pills. (The word