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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
magnetic field on Earth. Electromagnetic spectrum (EM) is the name of radiating energy. It includes radio, microwave,
infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-rays- and gamma rays. Only the first five mentioned waves are reaching the earth; we are
protected fortunately against the other two.
Biological cells and inorganic matter are principally perceptive and forced to react on the permanent penetration of
electromagnetic radiation.
Biological cells are bridging distances and are to be served through differing waves as a point of orientation. It has been
proven that biological cells are travelling on comets or planets throughout the Universe. It is open still if some of them
are ‘riding’ through the Universe without any support of planetary bodies but on electromagnetic oscillating bands or
carpets. Like a fish swims in a sea so are cells ‘swimming’ in a sea of electromagnetic waves. As this is their surrounding
environment, they are sensing changes of strength and frequency very well, an ability we had mostly lost during the
evolutionary process.
We are processing this electromagnetic information according to our
elementary pattern and modifying it through the quality of individual
acceptance. This information equals the width of frequency radiation
which causes the tensioned dynamic of our biological and spiritual life.
In whatever type of biological formation nobody and nothing is able
to withdraw from the sucking and pushing power of these elementary
phenomena. These tension creating oscillations of electromagnetic
waves are predictable to an extent after lengthy and patient observation
measured with a sidereal time scale.
They are differing on Earth following longitudinal and latitudinal positions
and strength of the electromagnetic fields – and to make it more difficult,
these fields are not stable at all as we know from permanent geological
We regard the expanding waves in our culture as positive and accordingly,
the retracting waves as bad messengers; this is correct and biased in
the same instance as it expresses the painful learning curve. Retraction
is a necessary pre-condition to expand again and develop. Elementary
patterns have been created during painful or threatening retractions of
electromagnetic waves.
Only later when reviewing successful events we call it luck, or more
subjectively, as personal achievements.
At the beginning of this chapter I said that we are continuously exposed to
electromagnetic waves and are figuring as ‘electrical resistance’ in between
them. We are able to visualize this if we measure the aura around us and
this photographic picture of a halo around us became popular.
Wherever we are, how high on mountain we are, how deep we are diving
into the ocean, or when are in Patagonia or flying in a balloon, we are
surrounded by waves.
There are four main beams which are striking us for a few seconds
or minutes, according to the four points of the compass as the Earth
continues to rotate the 360 degrees of the circle.
We can therefore state, we are surrounded by the full circle of 360 degrees
in a mist of electromagnetic waves.
The split of the circle into 360 units is created by Babylonian astrologers
(or Indians?) and the Greeks Aristarchos of Samos and Hipparchos
recognized versatility of this geometric shape as a mathematical basis.
They found it most practical with regards to being the nearest to the days
of the synodic year and nearly accurate to the sidereal year ( 4 minutes
difference per day).
Egyptians and Mayans used this as a calendar, they had then to drop about
We are bombarded with electromagnetic waves at
any time and from all directions; it became part of our
evolutionary coined existence – it is questionable if
we could survive without them.
This is the source of mental and intellectual
characteristics and expressions like optimism, joy
and sadness but also depression and illusions.
This influence accompanies us since earliest stages
as single cells.
Very likely it is essential for us to be kept under
tension by these and gravitational forces. On the
other hand, Gamma rays are shielded from the Earth;
they would seriously harm us.
Electromagnetic fields are changing their position
permanently, in shorter or longer periods. The
poles can just turn around to the opposite and this
happened probably at different times during the
period of existence of multicellular life.