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A study of the evolution of organic life - by Gerd Ney
The oldest metabolic process centres inside the cell. Their confirmed age is 2 billion for eukaryotes and at least 4 billion
years for Archaea/prokaryotes and probably older – and then there are others like extremophiles, viruses and RNA which
could well be 13 billion years old. Expanding and retracting distorted electromagnetic waves are the earliest factors of
creation of cell life and resulting in metabolic rhythms, which we should try to balance with a sovereign lifestyle. They are
causing the metabolism of the intra cell, the intra-cell metabolism; Inhaling and exhaling is one remnant of the earliest
signs of this life. Application of water/salt, sulphuric doses, oxygen and meditation are close to this metabolism, the oldest
of them all.
Other metabolic functions were initiated with the symbiosis of bacterial influences especially for the digestive tract.
Metabolism relating to domesticated bacteria is the middle aged elementary pattern. The quality of food intake and a
regulated lifestyle is the best solution for healthy maintenance of the digestive organs.
By taking antibiotics, the organism reacts and destroys bacterial life. Most of them are assimilated and fulfilling useful
functional processes. At least, we should know what we are doing when taking antibiotics. This form of metabolism is
already about 2 -3 billion of years old and relates to the domestication of bacterial functions.
The latest evolutionary metabolic addition came with the development of multicellers and is ‘only’ about one billion years
old. It is the cleaning process between cells. One could call it Intercell Metabolism. This has to do with physical exercises
and moderate lifestyle.
Electromagnetic radiation
Are cells like bacteria buzzing trough the air like insects?
Biological cells are following the structure of electromagnetic fields on earth and are exposed to the whole spectrum of
electromagnetic radiation in the Universe. In this respect “cells” are figuring as medium, technically as electrical resistance;
they become universal Ohmmeters. These radiating waves are the same which we sense as light with base colours red,
orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. This colour scale, however, is only a tiny cut out of the whole wave spectrum.
We are not able to sense electromagnetic waves
conscientiously; our brain ‘translates’ a small cut of waves
into colours. This classification of colours between animals
varies; bees, for instance, sense our ‘green’ as ‘black’.
The wavelength for the green colour range is 520 – 570
nm (nanometers) and the frequency is 575 – 525 THz
(terahertz) and this is the same for human and bee. The
translation differs; the waves physics remains the same.
The equivalent of ‘Ohm’ measures which have been taken
is astonishingly exposing the dynamics of our existence.
It has to be stated that these measured values of waves
of electromagnetic origins are not the only sources of
dynamism. There are also other retracting and expanding
influences like solar winds, gravitational powers (not
forgetting the Moon and other bodies in our solar system)
and the Black Hole of the Universe. However, it speaks
in favour of such electromagnetic waves that they are
corresponding with magnetic Earth fields and characteristics
of light waves are accommodating our thoughts and senses
as well.
What is slightly disturbing is the fact that in our research,
waves are clearly not oscillating regularly in frequency
and strength. This may be explainable as electromagnetic
waves are bent, following Einstein’s relativity theory. Electric
currents consist of oscillating dynamics that means they are
swinging from side to side, from plus to minus poles regularly. This led to the OUT theory (“Oscillating Universe Theory”)
and explaining periods of expansion and retraction.
Single cells or biological, cooperating groups of cells and united multi cell units like all organic life and inorganic matter are
facing the same cross fire of electromagnetic waves with permanently changing frequencies and strength on whichever
Wavelength: This picture shows very well wavelength and frequency.
We recognize the small window which is at our disposal to sense
different lengths (but not frequencies) which we wouldn’t differentiate
if our logistic centre wouldn’t translate them into colours. Our cell
ancestors have stored these wavelengths and frequencies in their
genom and only because of this we are at least enabled to identify a
small participating cut as part of the creation of elementary patterns.