It took the author many years to establish these thoughts. It started modestly by observing that physical and psychological events and expressions appeared not to be coincidence or implanted by the outside but are triggered by inner mechanisms. A number of circumstances helped to formulate these thoughts. Without modern sciences, without computerization and use of specific software and without the Internet and last but not least the cultural atmosphere to answer questions about mankind’s destiny, it would not have been possible to collate all information and millions of data.

Grateful is the author for contributions of Clemens Ney, who created the software to average archetypal valuations in converted time scales and Dr Iwan Diehl for advising about the scientific approach. The Astrological Faculty in Oxford taught the principle of archetypes and universal time applications. Especially many classical and modern authors whose writings were inspiring and eye openers for further conclusions. It was not always an easy way: errors and deviations made it looking like a Sisyphus task at times.

The author is not a natural scientist and this reflects his language. Some scientific points may be overtaken now or in future by new research. Some scientific facts may have been misrepresented unintentionally. The purpose of this writing is ultimately the formulated message and not the spread of updated scientific knowledge. Instead, awareness should be raised about us as organic particles in the wide Universe.

It could be said, in order to prove the contents of this writing, it needs a larger number of tested people. In a wider sense this is not true. These tests over many years and with multiple scopes and millions of data are sufficient by themselves. Of course, it would be good to have more test results, but this would mean to open each time a parallel entity with certain similar foundations but also different outlooks and sensitivities.

This website publication shows only the fascinating results of this research; it begins with the principle foundation and accompanying circumstances, preconditions, elements and dimensions which are contributing to our patterns of life and most important, it gives an answer to our destiny after death. It doesn’t cover detailed elucidations of calculations and values, and especially time conversions and time/matter combinations as a basis to reading the genome of our biological cell ancestors: it would take some hundred pages and may not be appropriate for website publication. It needs also additional time to work it out to present it in a professional manner.

The Author:

Northeast European Lutheran - protestantic culture and family background of engineering, clergy and farming as well as political life circumstances formed his very own pattern. He is glad for the reactions of readers; but in any case, he is convinced it leaves some food for thought.

Gerd Ney’s e-mail: gerd@humanethology.org.uk

May 2013

Gerd Ney