Cosmic cycles

Research of biological cell life in the way as practiced here is deemed to finish at the point, once the reading of the prehistoric genetic code is not longer available. This is like we are following traces in the sand, but after many miles despite our improved ability to recognize imprints, they disappear at times and begin to fade. One landmark for orientation of this report is the recorded forced awakening from a stage of equilibrium and wholeness. We are able only to interpret how and what has been recorded and can assume it has been a long period of hibernation. Before this, the earliest recordings show the first elementary patterns of metabolism and the establishment of a rudimentary genetic code in order to utilize light and chemical elements as energy source.

At this point, this research becomes tedious and leaves for now the comparatively more secure reading of elementary genetics and, unavoidably, it becomes more speculative.

However, this somehow resignation to the observation of facts and logical consequences has to be improved in so far as we are much better equipped. First, with the experience to follow the path of organic and inorganic foundations, we are able to see directions. Like buoys in the water, at least we have valuable hints how to sail.

Secondly, we can find support with mythological tales. As we have already discussed the expulsion from the Paradise, whose basis appears to be truthful. This tale is narrated for people who didn’t know about cell development, elementary patterns and Big Bang; the story is told in a very personalized style, but beside this, it is a very elucidating account.

New developments are following the set mode of previous experiences, hardly anything will change dramatically overnight; only seeing it as distant history, it appears to be an endless sequence of accumulated highly dramatic events like Big Bang, planetary collisions, black hole, dark matter and implosions. The truth is that those historic events are stretched out; if we were present as observers we would probably state, nothing happens, things are going on as always since millions of years.

A better artistic imagination of Cosmic forces and their complimentary oneness is not imaginable and shows the depth of Chinese philosophy. In this picture matter is blue, energy is red. When one of them shrinks, the other expands. The key of the philosophical thought is the blue point inside the red field, and the red point inside the blue field. When the red point, the compressed energy, finally explodes (Big Bang) it will expand with speed of light and drive the imploding matter into the gravity densified blue point (black Hole) inside the red field of energy and the energy will be absorbed (distorted = Einsteins Relativity Theory) by it. Both elements need each other to thrive, in the same time they are struggling with each other fiercely. Artwork: Yin Yang Dos by Pin Cushion Vashapocalypse/DeviantArt

The Galaxies are spreading out in light speed for the last 13.82 billion of years. It appears that light speed is changing during this stage (Einstein, 1911): it is not constant. The Yin Yang artwork below demonstrates the cycles precisely.

Red shows the energy, blue indicates the matter. The Big Bang happened when energy was trapped by the absorbing matter, shown here as the red point in the blue field. Energy has found its way out of imprisonment and explodes into the Cosmos, initially with the faster than today’s speed of light, first into the narrow red field. The more space it occupies the more the speed of light decelerates. The matter is under pressure of the expanding energy to defend itself and does it by imploding at one or several places. This is shown at the blue point inside the red field of energy. At an earlier stage it has been faster, this is now confirmed, which means, it is slowing down now as well and at one stage it will reach a point of culmination, time and space disappear, and thereafter, slow first but then with increasing speed it starts to retract. Therefore light waves are curved, distorted by gravitational influence. If this were not the case, then the Big Bang would never have happened, because the whole Universe would have remained static at whatever original state and organic life would never have seen the light of the day, because there is no triggering point to lead to something like the development of biological cells.

The energy has reached the culmination point, it doesn’t expand any more and will be absorbed through the increasing density resulting in increasing gravity of the Black Hole. At one stage the retracting light will extinguish space-time and return to point zero, and dark matter is concentrated on one point of giant gravity and light, space and time disappear. This is a stage with increasing gravity – metaphorically a Nirvana without awareness or direction, without space and time – in infinite calmness. This stage is not forever.

The energy is trapped and matter spreads out into the cosmos, into time and space, thinning its density and reducing slowly gravity. It is not possible to describe this scenario, there are applying fully other physical conditions and the imagination has difficulties to follow the expansion of inert matter and losing density and gravity. The preparations of a new Big Bang are taking place.

We are living in a stage of ever expanding energy but the Black Holes are there as well. Possibly two thirds of one Aeon have been passed, from Big Bang to the culmination of energy expansion.

This hypothetical repetition of galactic Aeons is been put forward by philosophers of many cultures and ancient and modern times, because it seems the only possible way to interpret the lack of constancyis by triggering changes of substance.

When has organic life started?
The explosion of the Big Bang is accompanied by temperatures reaching a point which doesn’t exist in our scale and can only be followed mathematically as well as other physical elementary reactions of giant dimensions, which would not have allowed even extreme hardy biological cells to survive. But then again, our experiences and imaginations what is possible and not , are not counting much as we have seen. Also, one has to keep in mind that those periods took place over a long period with changed environmental conditions. Biological pre- cells, of course, could have been hurled into Space before one larger explosion or different explosions are setting in, it may have been an exploding period lasting millions of years, setting in intermittently in stages. The message of this event had probably been transmitted by inorganic matter to the building stones of the pre- cell. This we found at other occasions that between inorganic and early organic substances were overlapping connections.

In any case, it would be helpful if this could be verified in future, as unfortunately, the cell has not reported the name and time of this intial event to assist us.

Alternatively, the creation of biological cell life could be an event to do with the later creation of the Solar System, but which event of such dimensions would suit the contents of the story? The creation of life is indeed of cosmic influence – other developments of specific life forms may have followed separately in the giant Cosmos like multicellular life is an earthly product only. Regarding the ‘Great Impact Theory’ on the Earth there are existing different, later reports by the cell.

During this research it has been confirmed again and again, life, organic and inorganic substance, galactic events, they all are following certain patterns and hardly inventing if at all new methods. All changes and mutations are following previous patterns for newly developing applications and requirements. Nothing new will turn up – but the old will be modified and applied for new necessities.

This makes it so challenging to find out about the time and circumstances of creation of life as the stages are reflections of earlier developments of inorganic nature and cosmic events. To confirm elementary patterns, we have as well to look to Mythology, archaic symbols and behavioural aspects to see where we find parallels.

For instance, the male and female principle is not an invention of sexual re-productivity, but it is of truly cosmic origin and has been copied by the need to unite temporary opposing principles. Matter is no question of female characteristics, in Astrology it is Earth and Water. It is passive but insistent, it is retracting, fertile, creative and moralistic. Whereas Energy is of male characteristic, in Astrology it is Air and Fire. It is active, demanding, aggressive, careless and ethical. Both have nothing to do with the factual sexuality of individuals.

As follow-up development, this elementary cosmic principle has been kept up today between male and female adversaries and in the same sense both need each other not only because of re-productivity but as a balance of diverging forces. Therefore, many points speak in favour that organic cells without any sexual drive are coined to be of female or male characteristic and when sexuality has been introduced, ‘only’ out one billion years ago, it found its natural consequence. It appears that pre-cell life has been created at the last culmination of the Cosmos, when energy had been trapped being absorbed by the Black Hole and responded with a giant explosion. The early semi-organic life reflects the motions of the cosmos and it continues for multicellular life as well. The whole conception is a replica of cosmic processes. The Ovum is large, the sperm is small; the body of the new life will be created from the ovum; the sperm is the aggressor; the sperm is part of ejaculative explosion; the sperm is hurled out into the unknown; the parallels are without end. If organic life had been created after the Big Bang, it is sure, the whole process of conception would hardly have been borrowed from this cosmic event. This confirms surely that the pattern for the sexual process of conception had been carried passively with the cell life for nearly 13 billion years and had been activated only one billion years ago.

There are a number of similar mythological tales, which are spread over many cultures at completely different times. These tales tell the same story of events with differing style and circumstances. They are meant for people at those times, full of charm and captivating the mind because of the narrative element and poetry as well as the archaic symbolism. Whereas our more documentary styled way of reporting demands analytical precision as priority and thereby loses imaginative poetry.

Mythological tales are remarkable in their depth and not products of fantasy. Heinrich Schliemann followed Homer’s Illiad and the Odyssey poems and he dug out the ancient Troy. Many cultures keep as their treasure mythological tales, which are told differently but are rooted in the same prehistoric event. It is difficult to comprehend that people, without natural sciences in the modern style, hardly literate and if, than in a elaborate language for only few selected ones, without printing facilities to communicate, were able to tell the story of our prehistoric early life in all details how we could not do it today.


The Myth of Prometheus: The first organic life, made from mud and clay by Prometheus, appears on this painting already as pale and lifeless human – of course, the reading needs to convert it to biological cell life instead. This organic life is without the ability to differentiate. On this painting Prometheus and Athene supplying the gift of awareness to dull organic life which was stolen from the Heaven of Light and an irated God punished mankind for this severely. Similar acted the biblical God, who sent tribulation and assignment of lasting guilt to mankind for eating the apple of awareness. Painting by Christian Griepenkerl 1877/78

The saga about Prometheus and the Titanomachys (Titanomacchia): It is a very archaic myth of Ancient Greeks, Babylonian, Hittites, Vedic people, Scandinavians and Celts are in their key elements comparable with the expulsion from the Paradise but with a changed tint.

It is the shift of power between generations which plays also a key role in organic life forms. Uranus, the first mentioned God, destroyed his children to stay in power, but Cronos was saved by his mother. Grown up, he castrated his father, threw the genitals into the sea which fertilized the water and created Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Uranus’ wife supports the rebellion of his son Cronos, to castrate her husband. He loses power once his energy is fading and absorbed (castrated) in the Black Hole enabling mother and son to take on the power.

With this sculpture of Prometheus being tortured every day by the Eagle (symbol of Zeus), who picked his liver every day piecewise, we feel for him, because he created life and awareness.He was heroic to defend life. On the other hand he was known as ‘trickster’, his ancient nickname. He treasoned against his own people,when supporting the rebellion of Zeus during the Titanomachys, he stole the fire from Heaven and tricked Zeus seriously to pretend respect. He is with one word throughout human with all the colourful attributes – struggling permanently in all corners with questions of Moral and hardly prepared to accept Ethos and hereby completely omitting the home of the stolen ‘fire’, the home of the principles of awareness. This is still today the case: The wisdom of awareness is connected to principles. Human being has willingly accepted one part of it, and that is logic, but left out the principles of wisdom.

We are following the cosmic sequence: Cronos embodies the female principle and expands the field of matter. Cronos follows the example of his father and destroys his children by swallowing (absorbing) them. His wife Rhea saves her son Zeus, by offering her husband wrapped in stones pretending it is Zeus, which he swallowed. In all case it is the wife who is the adversary of the God. This is our present aeon and the male principle has taken over again.

The war of giants between the older and the younger gods reflects the shift of power between Zeus and his father Cronos, a war which lasted ten years ( in Greek Mythology is the term ten years meant as infinitely long). Grown up, Zeus starts the revolution, called Titanomachys, and it takes many years to win the battle, makes his father drunk( liquidity = water) and puts him into a cage (blue point in red field. No castration takes place or similar action, because this aeon is of female character).

Zeus is male, no question. He is a notorious womaniser and, one has to say, sodomist as well – always ready to produce with whomever. Titanomachy stands for Big Bang as a long war between the decreasing power of matter and the new dynamic powers of radiating energy manifested by the big explosion. Zeus was easily irritated, jealous to all who appeared to come near to his power and ungrateful to all who helped him during his war more or less decisive. During his war with his father Cronos, Zeus gained the support of the young Prometheus, who as a family member of Cronos’ remaining family had changed fronts. Still during the time of Kronos governing rule, he had created mankind from clay and enlivened it. Once taking over power, Zeus didn’t like mankind equipped with fire (= godlike sophistication and knowledge) and took it away. Why Prometheus changed fronts is not clear, in one or another way it must have had to do with the decay of the outgoing epoch.

The generation of Gods at this stage and can be attributed with greediness, jealousy and wrath, be it the Judean God of the Bible, Zeus and others of different cultures. Zeus punishes Prometheus, one of the Titans who changed front in favour for him during the Titanomachys, to be chained forever at the Caucasus (symbol for isolation) and daily being tortured by eating a piece of his liver (symbol for life and metabolism), which regrew at night. Prometheus had created humans out of clay and mud and added awareness to the lifeless human doll. Mankind also felt the wrath of Zeus who sent Pandora and her proverbial box of miseries. The box was opened and all the suffering and diseases came out and were spread between all humans forever; in the last moment she saved hope as the only attribute inside the box.

Reason for punishment: Zeus had taken away from humans the fire, which Prometheus as ‘light bearer’ (stands for sophistication), once he had taken over the power and Prometheus secretly returned the fire to them. The Judean God was irate as well to detect that humans trying to apply sophistication against his expressed rule. He expelled them from the Paradise burdening them with hardship and misery, similar like the contents of the box of Pandora. Gods of other cultures showed similar reactions for the same deed. Today’s religious culture has shifted this fact in the background, and if altogether, blames Satanas for the wide spread of misery, and has declared the fight against misery in all the world as central aim of religious devotion.

There are some opinionated views that regard Jesus and Prometheus as parallel prophets to save human kind. True is that the suffering and personal sacrifice is equal; both acted against the will of God’s laws but not against God himself. Jesus was executed consequently by God’s representatives on Earth, the Judean priests. This fact is still a thorn for Christian Theology and has, more than anything, contributed to the specific animosity between them and Judaism. Both Gods, the Hebrew and the Greek, are of paternalistic male characteristic, jealous and intolerant, based on Ethos. Both, Jesus and Prometheus were by principle moralists, defenders of matter and caring to reduce misery, the unwanted gift of their gods. whereas Judaism by principle follows ethical rules.

Close with Christian Theology and Prometheus is Luzifer, who originally was “light bearer”, (the root of term ‘Lucifer’ = ‘makes light’) and “star of the morning”, probably regarded by some as God’s Son (Venus) and Jesus called himself “bright morning star” leaning on the cogname for Luzifer. Today he is known to be Satanas. Following Judean mythology he must have been a leadership figure during the time the Jewish people were in captivity around 600 B.C. in Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar. Luzifer was Jew or Babylonian, may be Nebuchadnezzar himself. He was referred to as Archangel and light bearer and star of the morning. It looks likely that he fraternised with local Babylonians to ease the fate of the Jewish people. This was not agreeable with dogmatic-ethical priests and it came to a power struggle between both groups, which the priests won, but they could not kill him, probably he was to popular or in a too powerful position, and therefore declared him in hindsight as Satanas. During the time of early Christianity this seems to have been reversed again, at about 400 A.D. there was even a Bishop called Luzifer, but this changed again in Middle Age and had to do with changing view and culture of the Church. John Milton let him say:”Better rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.”


For the moralist is for instance social deprivation one of the bleakest facts and all endeauvours are  directed to avoid inequality.


The ethical view is if social priorities are abused it is to the detriment of life. Degeneration is deep down socially rooted.  The moralist’s view is there are reasons for social deficiencies and help is even more essential.

The figure of Luzifer is fascinating. Several times he had to suffer in Hell, at other times he was highly appreciated. The church went in its policy during the last 2 -3000 years very much a zigzag line, because there were elements of Ethos and Moral contradicting each other. Luzifer is not only a child of the Ethos ruled Aeon, he is involved with the Judean dogma of priorities. Ethos, the dogma, has clearly priority also if the own people in slavery face serious human misery and suffering, similarly like Prometheus who tried to help humankind by stealing the fire for them.

Prometheus’ (an probably Luzifer’s) origins are in a moralistic ruled world of matter and he was fascinated by the drive and strength of the new upcoming dynamic ethical style. After having changed the fronts he became disappointed with the ‘Jacobinian Renewal’, (French revolution 1789) and turned back, where he came from, to Moral and Earth. He was punished for treason with the chance to be pardoned.

Jesus has been born into an ethical ruled society with unbend-able laws and without denying to the outside God’s superiority he followed the human instinct to lead the people back, where they are rooted, and this is the world of matter and moral. Therefore he had to be executed as self declared God’s Son, all Gods destroyed their children since ever when the competing Aeons are involved. God would act as Zeus has done.

Luzifer has been born (or became part of it) in a privileged position of an ethically ruled tribe in an ethical Aeon, which suffered immensely in captivity. He looked into the next Aeon, into the future and this again inspired foresight, told him one day Moral will matter higher than Ethos, when the suffering of the own people seemed to be endless and some soothing steps should be taken, the ethically acting priests would not compromise. Luzifer was and is still popular as a compassionate leader, but as the Church could not sentence him to death, contrarily to Jesus, as he has been in a privileged position (Archangel), he was sent to Hell in hindsight, to kill his name Moral) at least for future generations. In our Yin Yang picture Hell for him is to be imprisoned in the Blue Hole (Matter, Moral) surrounded by Red Energy (Hell), but he cannot be killed and will one day take over the power and extinguish the ethical dogmatics. As said earlier, we are telling here about a principle, not about the fate of single individuals. This means further on, we have not to wait probably 20 billion of years of an Aeon before a change from Ethos to Moral takes place; this is such a giant upheaval, we cannot imagine, so powerful, so far reaching and excludes the existence of organic life anyway. Like Lucifer’s frequent relegation and renewal, it happens in humanly countable times.

In a smaller timed distance and with understandable events, it happens in cultural stages of few hundred years, and for even less important events in human life times, every year, every month and every day.


The struggle between Ethos and Moral is a tight rope to walk for multicellular life. Its is the centre piece of all ideologies, philosophies and religions. It is hardly solvable as life originates from soil and finds orientation in the rays of light. Both they are contrasting each other to the extreme. They are like divorced parents and drag the child into their own direction and punish merciless as both they are not succeeding ultimately. The child has to find its own path.

These two elementary forces - Moral and Ethos - are clashing as they have always done and mankind cannot be faulted to feel strong ties with its own background from a time when matter and moral values are ruled. Is this from a philosophical- theological point of view the paradise? And were all the Gods of the past irate, because they didn’t want human kind to handle sophistication but in their emotions close to the arch enemy, the matter?

Judaism is based on ethical rules, Christianity and Islam are morale orientated (to act immoral is still part of morality, not Ethos). This could be an explanation for deep rooted divergence between Jewish people and the Christian/Islamic world, because it touches very elementary patterns. Ironic is that Jewish people are very capable of dealing with science, art and apply shrewdness; they are less known for highly idealistic humanitarian scopes.

It is an ethical view to visualize the aim and it is a moral view, to help somebody and for this reason to lose the aim. Soldiers are acting ethically over all the world by nature even if as their actions are immoral by principle. Social solidarity is based on morale responsibility even if it degenerates the originally robust cell organism – our future - dangerously and is, as ethical responsibility, not acceptable.