Life & death

The birth and death of organic life is clouded. In the first case – birth – it was not there yet and in the second case – death - it will there any longer. No marking is there that life began and no marking is there that life has finished beside the lifeless corpse.

With a few words we could explain, why life and death are not registered conscientiously in this pattern setting process, but this is not satisfactory as it is too short. Outside of our sphere of life, there is nothing hinting that organic life has any precedence over anything else even if our on individuality based feelings of superiority are deeply hurt and we don’t like to accept this fact to be put in line with a chicken or dandelion.

It doesn’t help to say that the chicken and dandelion are unaware, lacking of consciousness and we have deserved a better fate, because we are consciously concerned about questions of life. This is not thoughtful to say because according to their level of requirements, chicken and dandelions are very conscious about their specific environment and some of their senses work better than ours, others apparently are not existing.

The question of life and death is probably the most concerning subject in our life, often enough covered up, especially in younger years, but then bursting out at other occasions vehemently. Most people are living in a quietly carried forward fear of their ultimate fate. Others cling to religions blindly of which each one claims to spread the only truthful gospel. This means the vast majority anyway are erring because they have set trustingly their belief into a wrong faith: all religions are claiming monopoly and only one could be right, if any, altogether. The rituals are laid out to soothe the stingy question of eternity and they are promising to trust that a place in heaven is achievable.

Fewer people are distanced to religious theories and keep themselves stoically relaxed looking their fate in the eye without blinking.

The pain of passing away could be much worse, but there are some patterns, which are clouding the mind. These patterns are set to keep a balance in a stressful situation. Somebody who is seriously handicapped will see his situation, according to his character of course, but then probably live with the detailed challenges of his surrounding in the same mode like somebody who is fully fit and meets his challenges in life. From the view of the fitter one is the life of a handicapped one most miserable, from the view of a philosophising social outsider it is the fitter one with his healthy challenges who faces such a miserable situation as he is being stretched and bent by society. The same philosopher could turn around and say that the handicapped one with his limitations but brave courage is the enviable one.

Somebody who is chronically under mental stress, concentrates his radius of view around his abilities independently of the severity of his status and may be comparatively relaxed; at least, he would not see his ‘true’ status.


It is one of the inconsolable times in life when we losing people we are very close to and we know there is no return ever.  The emotional stress and the awareness to be mortal puts without question the most weight on our otherwise carefree mind and is a dark companion during all our life and whoses look over our shoulder remains unpleasant.

The remains of the bodily matter are sinking back to the Earth and we hope the soul moves to the heaven.

Madama Mazois on her deathbed, Painted by Henri Regnault

Somebody falling increasingly into coma sees still details but is slowly losing the overview of himself and his ‘true’ position. In last moments he may cling to some detailed actions, which appear embarrassing or ridiculous, but this is his view and he keeps his dying mind in balance with his diminishing life expectancy in order not to see the reality. He would not be relatively relaxed realizing he stands at the edge of the Big Hole and falling over any moment.

The author liked to talk to young male cattle on paddock: “You are so full vigour and boisterous in the glow of the sun, but your brain is so obnoxiously little. You will soon again be boisterously struggling for survival when you are sent into the tight channel feeling the cold metal shooting apparatus at your head. Run away, run, break fences, but run, don’t play with your mates silly pubertarian games. The end may be anyway not so far but prove yourself!” But they don’t run away and play instead their silly games and facing slaughter next Tuesday 5am.

It is difficult to face reality if we don’t know what reality is. Our mind is clouded when it comes to reality.

Patriotic emotional songs and inspiring bagpipes are the silly narcotics before and the tight trenches of Stalingrad, the Somme and the Dardanelles from where to jump straight into the bullets at Tuesday at 5am are the parallel picture.

Today’s narcotics are complacency and the bullet are the high expectations of entitlements of an already bankrupt society. A dance around the grave.

We can well assume that our fertilization and our end are similarly precisely dated, but we have not the slightest idea how to work this out.

Fear of death and the hope for a saviour are elementary patterns of organic life and dating back to the point of primitive cell life. These patterns are so deeply rooted and commonly spread in all cultures and stages that – like tales of mythology – we have to keep it open that there is a hidden truth. If organic life, for instance, were originated before the Big Bang, there is a good reason to assume, that during the previous Galactic Aeon progressed life evolved but didn’t survive the galactic explosion called Big Bang, with exception of some hardened most primitive cells, when the superiority of matter discontinued and radiation took again the initiative. The very original elementary patterns are ‘matter’ based and this speaks for this Theory.

Such higher developed life is difficult to describe because we have hardly or no hints about it and in the best sense we describe it as divine power and we have in religious mythologies so many social challenges reflected, that the original roots have disappeared.

The later patterns, however, cannot be originated from matter but from characteristics of radiation. Differentiations with all the diversity of newer patterns are the outstanding ones. Therefore it is unlikely that a form of superior force which is based on intelligence has been created during the previous Aeon. If anything it is a “divine” force with a vegetative imperative operating in reducing time and space. In any case such a vegetatively divine force would have lost influence in this 13.82 billion years ago commencing new stage, but it may continue to live in our genetic memory. It is worth to think, that our – so to speak - in isolation existing world applies expanding space and time terms, but, as it has been explained in the last chapter, this is not the case how photons operate outside of our earthly sphere. This subject of time and space is ultimately not clear yet but a very highly valued point for our order.

If such a divine force of the previous Aeon had been broken down it is stored in our memorizing genes. The new divine government is based on radiation - if it exists at all - and is utmost robust, merciless and inconsiderate – this is not the basis of today’s religions.

What makes life on Earth so precious that we are struggling hard not to part? Do we regard this earthly condition, the matter, where we are originated from and were we belong to, as our dear homeland, as our place to stay? This is very much a probability.

It is difficult to predict the format and the shape of after- earth life. Some religions speak about the merits during earth-life to earn eternal salvation in the aftermath or to be dumped into hell.

Whatever and however we turn things around, it is undeniable that earthly multicellular life as a physical and spiritual entity was created at conception and is ending at the time of physical death. In contrast the biological cell is semi immortal through unlimited cell division and overcomes in this way its physical limitation.

The previous chapter covered some aspects of patternized cell life. It is now time to go into this a bit deeper. The substance of potentially developing pre- cells is based on matter. The strange new acquisition is the ability to metabolize nutritional intake in the shape of light or chemicals like sulphur, but also here as in all other mutants, there is a grey line of ambivalence. Is this already the earliest imaginable primitive form of organic life or is it still matter, adding some rudimentary functions for its inorganically based, but radiation inspired, individuation?

If we finally cross the line and can call it like RNA based organic life, it has added the patternized process of metabolism, even in its most simple form.

Also apparently long living cells die as the ‘Hayflick’test has shown. After about 50 cell divisions the remaining original part of the mother cell dies but through cloning it has kept itself alive in all its characteristics. Other cells practice immortality through the enzyme telemorase which is enabled to repair stem cell DNA sequences and herewith avoids death through senescence (age related) or apoptosis (programmed cell death) but cannot avoid to become prey for others. Cancerous cells are immortal for this reason. Very tiny multicellular organisms like the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula and Tardigrades are immortal, but affected heavily by being eaten. Here multicellular life has managed to progress into immortality and is being studied intensively by human researchers to learn how to copy this advantage.

This is not the case with ‘glycoladehyde blob’ as a basis for metabolism and the DNA double helix it doesn’t clone itself into multiples, it sinks once dead back to where it came from. (However, also here has to be made the point, that in changed circumstances and environments this may vary).


“People close to death but then revived have images similar like this photo. As it happened once to me I remember I didn’t want to return but to move on towards this light. There is in my view no doubt that we can be in touch with deceased people close to us if we are open to do so – most people are not. In some cases such ‘spiritual relations’ obviously are concerned about us as they help miraculously. On the other hand they can also tempt us to become involved in doubtful actions with all consequences. They appear to be existing in a matter-free and moral-free surrounding and acting naively according to their quality of experience. Spirits may be missing the heavy soil we are walking and acting on as a lost opportunity to do better.” Gerd Ney

This means, when the first organic life having just crossed the line from being matter only, if this dies with or without cloning, the matter will still sink back to where it came from.

But the first pattern for metabolic processes as settled part of radiating power, it doesn’t sink back – it is of spiritual nature, created by radiated chemical components of the matternised cell and becomes useless now with the death of its host. Only because it is weightless and invisible, it cannot be denied its existence as pattern and in this capacity it is very present. This elementary pattern now within its gained framework of activity has no other choice than to disappear again into space and timelessness, where it came from.

What arrived once as a pure radiating force returns now in a spiritual state by adding very modest metabolic experiences which it has developed by merging with matternised substance. Spirit could be defined as a radiating force with added attributes. Radiation is soulless but becomes blissful through purposefulness.

Our contact with deceased ones is on a level that we are facing on Earth and this means these spiritual contacts are corresponding deeply with our own patterns and refusing acceptance, which we are lacking of ourselves. When we are saved in an unforeseeable and sudden life endangering situation through ‘luck’, our patterns had been open to receive the spiritual message of what to do in no-time. There is no luck, there is no coincidence.

This is a personal experience of the author coming near to death caused by stroke. The experienced sensations in brief notes: ‘Being aware to be dead, tracking back outstanding issues and disregarding them, confronted with the search for the handle of a surreal shaped black door and in the moment of entering the death zone invited by a wonderful light and then unwillingly called back’. This may be completed by an addition.

It happened that a cardiac-nurse was just there and knew what to do in this case of a stroke. Therefore this event goes even a step further, because it includes one other innocent person, which becomes involved and is instrumental to save the person.

A spirit made it possible to structure the presence of a helping person in this emergency situation. This nearly unbelievable process is in so far difficult to follow, as this nurse arrived only in this moment. Consequently, the timing of the stroke was a surprise for the person involved but not for the helping spirit, because the nurse arrived there not knowing to be ‘called’ to become active. As a specialist she had the experience to act assertively and successfully and not only saving the life but avoiding any other follow-up damage.

The moments before transition to death are painful, the transition itself is already neutralized regarding the conscious acceptance ‘to be dead’ and the connection to the quickly tracked earthly responsibilities and relationships are fading as being important. It was never a feeling of termination of life.

If transcendental issues are discussed, it becomes easily an esoteric clouded product of fantasy and one loses touch of hard realities. One has always to be aware of this danger when discussing such subjects of this kind. On the other hand, to call every unusual happening ‘coincidence’ as sceptics hiding behind a pseudo-scientific denial are tending to do once it goes beyond their radius of understanding, is equally thoughtless.

Not only since Einstein’s famous observation, “He doesn’t play dices” it is known by profound thinkers, in thousand of years of different human cultures that coincidence doesn’t exist. But generally one calls it coincidence, because the sphere we are living in, doesn’t allow any other explanation. Coincidence doesn’t exist, it is just so simple!

The other side of heavenly eternity has to be stated too: the realm of radiation is rootless and ruthless, merciless and thoughtless, it is a fluctuating, brilliant beam of light whereas matter with its gravitational characteristics of inertia cannot do anything else than establish stability.

The elementary pattern ‘character’ remains at the closest with its principal ‘matter’. When it came to the merger with radiation, character became ‘matter inspired by radiation’ and not vice versa. Matter never inspires radiation as it is inert. But, matter knows well than to irritate the straight lines of light as we know since Einstein’s formulation of the Relativity Theory.

The heading of this chapter ‘Life and Death’ gains now a more complex meaning. One can call the beginning of life ‘the merger of matter and radiation’ and death ‘the de-merging of matter and radiation’. These irritations of radiation and the hammering of inertia by both with each other lead to the development of spirit, because they are the reason for mutant development of organic life and parallel for other inorganic processes.

The ingenious invention of cell division allows us to call such a life period semi-immortal, it lasts over many billions of years, and the less harmonized invention of multicellular life is, unfortunately for us humans, a very short timed experience but exciting as it speeds up the development towards divine responsibility or is soon already extinguished of its own doing.
With death the material substance of organic life becomes again matter and, similarly, patterns the expression of blessed or experienced radiation, become spirit in the realm of radiation.

However, the framework of patterns consists in the shape of the double Helix physically made from matter. (This doubting thought came to the author with the content of previous sentences and became a sudden point of concern. That night, he dreamt very realisticly to be caught in his car by a speed camera and as he looked up, the speed camera flashed a second time, to catch his face for proof that it was him to be driving the car. Surreal was that this event happened in his garden. This dream turned out to be a typical spiritual message: The message is: the matter framework of patterns in shape of DNA proteins stays within the boundaries of matter and will decay, but it will be like photographed in shape of the Aura and in so far it is attributed to the matter-less spirit. The ‘irreal setting’ of the garden indicates it is part of the very own inner self. We are permanently bombarded – with or without dreaming – by directions. The point is if we don’t have questions, messages appear to be senseless and are not given any further thought.

It is an essential precept to add quality during our stay on Earth. We are allowed to take it with us.

A sceptic could object, “When I am dying, all cells are dying as well and the thing with the surviving spirit it is wishful thinking, very much a speculation.”

We would respond: “It starts always with the same misunderstanding. I cannot die as ‘I’ am is not existing, but the cells of my body die at a given time. I am the cells – there is no ‘me’ to be separated from the cells”.

Further: “Who says that your are qualified for a possible survival as spirit? What and which part of yourself would have survived? Your well-shaped legs and big eyes attractive to men; or your manhood, your fashionable haircut, your soap opera knowledge, your holiday experiences, your career or your love for cars? – Aha – nothing of this but something eternal. What eternal? Fear is eternal, arrogance is eternal, wisdom and modesty are eternal! Which ones do you want to see surviving in eternity? With other words and with understanding of your delicate situation, you are embodying on this Earth a temporary short-lived trend of fashion including dear social components and this you want to see maintained in eternity. I don’t know if this is so simple. Perhaps you have as a self declared crown of creation to get something properly done.”

“Besides this, you are living on Earth some billion years, before you had your home on different celestial bodies. If this had not been the case, you and I wouldn’t be here. Every man, animal and plant reaches through confusing evolutionary paths back to the elementary beginnings.”

“However, you will not die, because radiation, which contributed to your life as human being, is the place in the skies to return to. But its now not any longer pure radiation, it returns as spirit of all variable degrees of quality. Such degrees of quality are according to values you have lived during your time on Earth. Here on Earth, you have the chance to add qualities, thereafter your patterns are set.”

“You can congratulate yourself, you have lived for billions of years. You started as an innocent blob containing glycolaldehyde and from there you became a well-travelled and experienced individual and in all this time the ingenious cell division omitted the restriction through mortality. However, even to live billions of years doesn’t take away, that at the end all life is mortal. But such spans of time are of nobody’s concern now. Therefore this could be called semi-immortality.”

“Are you scared and terrified about limitations after life on Earth?”

The final point of this chapter is to say something after deceasing as multicellular about the new domicile and the surrounding situation there. We can absolutely say, that life is not finished with the death of the multicellular. Between living and deceased ones exists a lively communication, more than we want to believe and further reaching than we want to admit. The material part, the corpse, remains there, where it came from. The energetic part returns also where it came from. The framework of pattern, the soul and true individuality, doesn’t find necessarily a domicile in the realm of energy. The first point, the Promethean approach is now lived and by radiating divine powers disapproved of. Secondly, organic life was surrounded by matter inspired morals; the ruthlessness and thoughtlessness of radiating divinity would mostly lead to infinite persecutions. The elevated spirit or soul has to find a way in between energy and matter. By all accounts, the spirit is on a divine level and is enabled to embrace the whole Universe time- and space-less and enabled to be part of expansion and retraction. But it is not enabled to change matter or to handle it. It can’t move rocks, that radiating energy can and it is not able to reshape light waves, that matter can.

If anything, the spirit has to learn to convince both the powerful forces to do it on its behalf, and as it is with parents or neighbours, sometimes there are animosities but often enough there are reasonable and good contacts.

This is the real challenge on earth time – in universal terms, it is like the womb and reality starts after the time in the womb. It is about to develop and progress abilities which are essentially needed after deceasing. The further life as Spirit is one octave higher, but is otherwise not so different to Earth life, but the measures for the true character become sharper. Here on Earth we are spoilt somehow by mother Matter and his doesn’t go through as simple as we are used to. Nothing is so difficult to bear like helplessly to fall back into the realms of either parental powers: Matter wants to make out of spirit a piece of soulless matter and radiating energy to shoot the spirit as a thoughtless arrow throughout the place.

This is the real challenge: to be sufficiently fit by character and grateful to both parental forces despite their weaknesses to keep their own direction. It is not important how we establish strength of character and which ideas we are following, important is to do it honestly.

Therefore, it can be stated the new domicile is everywhere and keeps possibly where it responds best to its own development.

Moralistic considerations and ethical directives are melting down to one point. This makes organic life unique, closes the circle and is one up to now unknown spiritual force.