Parallelism of time & space

This subject is difficult because it contradicts our evolutionary accustomed experience about the flow of events. When the Sun rises - or better – when a specific point of the rotating Earth turns at the Sun again, a day has passed and a new one begins.

In Cambrian times 600 million years ago the Earth turned up at the Sun every day in a 24 hour rhythm of dark night and bright day, but when measured against the length of today’s hours, the day had only 20 hours; 2 -3 billions of years earlier it had only 3 - 5 hours. If our organic cell fore fathers would have used a watch, they could still measure time in 24-hour terms but the hands of this watch would have moved faster.

The ‘real’ time changes permanently, but we are operating our 24-hour standard time happily as it serves us unchanged for few 10,000 years very well but this is a short time measure compared to the age of the solar system, for instance.

Time is the measure of movements and rotations between galactic bodies and slower or faster movements are therefore changing these timed conditions.

It becomes difficult only once we leave our current environment and want to explore previous or future events and are forced to using time scales as triggering facts of evolutionary causes. The Old Testament of the Bible speaks of high aged Methuselahs with 800 – 900 years of age. This has been seen as one of the biblical exaggerations and tolerated; however, true is that early life measured as days and years has been longer lasted – at least if humans had lived with today’s age expectancy four billion years ago, they would become 500 - 600 years old. The Bible authors have deserved respect! No modern science had been there for support, but they got the message right.


This ammonite like watch is formed like the shape of galaxies. It shows the creation and expansion of space and equally of time. Spacetime moves with the speed of light.


Compare this with the picture of the 28 days old foetus on conception page and you see we appear not only to be made of the same fabric but adapted also to the same elementary psychic patterns.

Evolutionary events are triggered by movements of galactic changes; this is generally accepted by scientists. Different time dimensions are not only expressed by historic changes of the galactic sphere but are running parallel. This is our unique chance to see into the past, the same timed dimension takes billions of light years or manifests itself in a tiny imeasurable moment. It is the parallelism of time related dimensions.

For instance, Astrology is guided by movements of the solar and galactic bodies.

The Earth rotates around the Sun (and the Zodiac) in 365 days and every day can be interpreted. Equally popular is ‘Secondary Progression’ for modern astrologers. In this case one single day is being interpreted as one year. This makes a shortened abbreviated overview possible. Both views relate to the same person but apply different time related dimensions. In this case, the Earth rotates in 24 hours inside the solar system around the zodiac, meets therefore the same celestial bodies in one day and parallel in one year. The person is in both cases the same; the objective times are differing, and they are running parallel. None of both time related dimensions is ‘true’ and objective basis for the term ‘time’ – however, both are different but true by themselves. The sum of such parallelisms is trillions – infinite like the sum of bodies in the Galaxies.

This research about early biological life is based on parallelism of time related dimensions.

Let us put some astronomic facts forward: We are following the synodic cycle of Sun, Moon and other planets. From our earthly observation post we are fixing a specific point of the Universe and measure that the Moon rotates around the Earth in 29.52 days. Posting an observer on the Moon he will state it took him 27.32 days to reach the same point of the Universe again. The reason for the difference is that the Earth is moving during this period and this changes the timed view.

We are counting about 365 days for the Earth to rotate once around the Sun and call it a synodic year. But this is not how the observer positioned on the Sun sees it. As the Earth also moves, in the meantime, and as the Earth changes the angle from where to receive the rays of the Sun, we appear on Earth to have more 6/7 more surplus days mostly between May – to September and mostly one day less between December and February. Ultimately there are 5-6 days less viewing it from the Sun. This is the ‘true’ sidereal year and has about 360 days (which goes well with 360 degrees of a circle, fortunately). Nevertheless, for this reason isn’t the synodic year not ‘untrue’.

However, the annual 360 degrees of the circle or 360 days of solar time are neutralizing at least our confusing calendarium which could not operate outside the earthly environment. Because our system of ‘local’ timing fails deplorably if used for measuring purposes relating to points outside of the Earth. This is much more often the case as we probably assume. Scientific research prefers to apply our local timing. This is good for reasons simplifying the job and for comfort but bad for one other reason: to achieve results. In “Human Ethology: differences of body weight” it shows the weight differences which is subject to intensive research in many universities in the world but no valuable result has ever seen the day light.

Scientists know well about the dilemma of deficiency of time stability and using the term ‘circadian’, to explain different lengths of time in our prehistoric research, it is a typical scientific - deterministic monster because it is useless and serves mostly as scientific excuse when there is no answer.

Organisms have to adapt to climatic, seasonal and timed circumstances of environment and may follow these prehistoric settings today, as we know from the setting of elementary patterns as a stabilizing factor. However, the circadian rhythm 100 million years ago differs from the same 200 million years ago and differs even more one billion or four billion years ago. Further on: the biological organism is capable of adapting to differing lengths of day/night changes – or cannot adapt – and, for instance, the ‘original’ specie and subject of an imagery research has been substituted by very similar specie at a later stage. It is very difficult, if not to say impossible, with circadian scientific applications to work precisely – it is the not so much enlightened love child of Cartesian ‘Enlightenment’.

Time and space are intangible assets to keep celestial movements in order. We are using it as measure but it is not tangible. It is not a subject but an adjective, if I may be allowed to use this comparison.

Time is the means of bridging two distant places. We are saying it takes two hours to reach the castle of Stirling in Scotland. It is meant but not said: to drive the distance by car. If we walk to this castle it takes us possibly two or more days. Important is the point where we are now and where we want to be. There are differing ways to reach a distant point.

If we walk to the castle by foot, it takes much longer but it will also be an unforgettable experience. Whereas the car gets us to the castle quickly – say in one/two hours, but the car trip may be forgotten the next day, but we have achieved to shoot some photos of the castle and heard about its history.

The traveller finally changes his mind and convinces the family not to visit the castle but to view instead a video about it. The time to get there is negligent. Time disappears with speed of light. It leads to space and timelessness. But it is ‘concentrated’ space- and timelessness, because this is a rational action, concentrating the effect of the aim to one point.

The electromagnetic waves, our safety net and spiritual midwife since early parasitic viral life, our never tired torturer, are not straight lined in the infinity of space as there are warps and dents, as well as peaks and troughs. If we look back into our life we are confused about irregularities, sometimes they are explainable or they come by surprise, sometimes we are feeling guilty, at other times we blame people or circumstances. But when measuring these irregularities and putting them in a time frame, those events suddenly gain a personalized profile and we don’t appear any longer helplessly to be shaken and rattled by fate. If, as Earth inhabitants, we apply ‘local’, synodic time to measure such irregularities we don’t get anywhere.


In Quantum Atom Theory we are all one spectrum of energy waves at different wavelengths. Both the observer and the observed creating our own spacetime at the speed of light. But the conscious mind can only see the moment of now and in that moment sees wave-particle duality because of time dilation between spacetimes. This creates the measurement problem because spacetimes are continuously expanding and reacting with each other relative to the observer.
(Text and picture by Nick Harvey, Quantum Atom Theory

If we were to apply ‘sidereal’ standards of such irregularities, the results are convincing immediately. Scientists insistence to keep the geocentric view has been denounced by Copernicus already – it hasn’t been understood even today.

The events of universal catastrophes, crashes, mergers of whole galaxies and falling apart, sinking into the Black Hole and consequently followed by rapturous explosions are the reasons for warps, dents, peaks and troughs of electromagnetic waves: this echo is still reflected inside us as well with all consequences of irregularities in our daily life. We recognize suddenly the purity of Ethos isn’t as sovereign as it appears; it is being distorted by matter.

This picture is repeated in a fast track during few hours before conception. Our life as prehistoric pre-cells is reflected in the lineage of electromagnetic waves – light waves - and is showing us what happened billions of years ago and affects our life at times severely still today.

Einstein originally contemplated about straight direction of light waves and then turned to ‘warped’ or ‘dented’ and therefore called it ‘relative’. Did he know why the waves had been ‘warped’? He didn’t agree with Quantum Theory.

We are using the term ‘time’ like an independent value. The value ‘day’ is only good as long as the Earth revolves around the Sun and time basics are changing every moment. Time is truly relative as it is expanding with speed of light.

Therefore we started with the trip to the castle. Time is bridging two points in at least two different speeds – time wants to be compared; otherwise time would disappear completely. And time seems to disappear: as the Entanglement of Quantum Physics proves photons are able to avoid timed delays on huge galactic distances and communicating as one photon is doing accurately what the other photon does in the same moment, even if the first is artificially disturbed in its movements through tests, for instance.

At least it is one confirmation to Planck’s, Bohr’s, Heisenberg’s and Bell’s Quantum Theory and has very recently being expanded by Nick Harvey. It is the amazing fact of Synchronicity, Symmetry or Parallelism of movements and time. It is like C.F. Jung’s Synchronicity – human minds (including deceased ones) are confronting each other like in an appointment at the same second without any foregoing communication.

Without doubt, this alternative view on timelessness and spacelessness comparing it to the Stirling Castle visit, is difficult to follow empirically. In the next chapter we will discuss some details. It is an ‘infinite’ time and spacelessness, because it doesn’t concentrate on one point but it is time- and space-less because of the infinity of its radius.

This is difficult to follow, it is like a surreal dream; with our empirically upcoming from matter we may understand the point of concentrated time- and spacelessness as a process of retraction, but it is empirically for us difficult to comprehend the infinity as description of not facing physical or morally based lines of responsibility.

The first sentence in the first chapter started with a question and the answer is now apparent. The cohesion of 300 trillions of cell units is not comprehensible for our to time and space relating mind; they are synchronized timeless with each other as one unit.