Have you ever thought how it is possible to keep 100 trillion individual biological cells in our human body at bay plus 200 trillion domesticated bacteria? These 300 trillion organisms are, at the first impression, one big inseparable homogeneous unit but this is not true: all biological cells are individuals, each equipped with its own genetic code and surprisingly appear nevertheless well organized and structured and are able to support eating and digesting, to sleep and to walk, to work and to play, to keep us healthy or not and to look after our career and our emotions.

If we put ourselves into the position to set up the structure of these processes like a software program, we have to interlink to the most subtle degree the various activities in order to guide any motions utmost sensitively to achieve the chosen aim. Mostly, however, there are not conscientiously chosen aims of activity. Our movements, our feelings our internal and external physical organic functions seem to follow automatic reactions without our expressed will.

Still, we are functioning with or without logical influence. This we take for granted without any further thought.
The amazing survival fitness of biological cells is emphasized by the time factor. In the case of a reaction to the threat of an accident, trillions of individual cells have to decide in no-time how to escape from the danger of a severe accident. Their function is throughout the whole body fully different and gradually modified in order to synchronize the physical and psychological reaction.

We know from scientific research that inter-cell communication may happen via chemical/electrical signals but this is only an alarm and may indicate the nature of danger. There is no time to activate an alarm followed by action; it would be already too late. Every cell has also to know what to do – and every cell has a different function to fulfil and of this all in no-time. In relevant literature regarding chemical/electrical signals, it has not been mentioned who informs whom about which detailed actions are to be taken.

Realistically looking, it appears impossible, following all experiences and theories, to coordinate such by numbers, unimaginable masses of cells for all sensitive tasks in no-time. Imagine this practically: the Chinese Republik or India the populations of which are counting each about more than one billion individuals. A synchronized action of both populations is unthinkable forgetting the time factor completely. Our body contains 300 trillion individual organisms. This is China or India multiplied by 300’000 times! How could such a variety and coordination- seeking challenge be mastered to communicate with 300 trillion individuals so very effective and sensitive to the finest degree and all of this in No-time?
Compare this fact with the duty of governments or company managers which rule only a comparatively few – maybe a handful individuals or millions: still, it is nearly an impossible task to rule through institutions (like theocracy, monarchy, dictatorship or democracy), to be ruler or company manager for a longer or shorter period. Organic life’s individualism doesn’t allow it – any ruler-ship is very short lived at best and quickly exhausted by peace-less upheavals, greed by rulers or ruled ones, as we know throughout history and daily experiences.

The only answer to the question above is the general belief that inside of humans lives somewhere and somehow a god-like spirit who makes it possible to fulfil all functions of life and to reach out for ambitious, noble or devious aims; a god-like spirit or one’s personal very own ‘ME’ must be instrumental to be helping intuitively in emergencies and are guidance for every day’s needs. The trillions of cells are managed efficiently accordingly, so it seems.

If this were the case, the question of the highly sensitive structure of such processes is still not answered as well as the condition to execute such processes in No-time. Instead, the question is shifted behind a secretive curtain for nobody to know.

In so far as we are not touching the question about the existence of God; this is independent of our discussed subject. However, we might analyse some cultural-religious aspects: Following teachings of our religious and scientific great minds consciousness applies only to human beings, with or without God. Animals and plants – following this human centred self-protective message – are not included in this privilege of human being. They are something else. They appear to live ‘automatically’ following the seasons, the rain and the Sun. This dogma serves the practical necessity as well to eat animals and plants without confusing the morale conscience to practice cannibalism in reality.

Putting this religious and culinary based subject aside, it is undeniable that all living organisms are facing the same problem of managing survival and solve it ultimately with the same means. They apply logic not at all (humans are sporadic) and appear remarkably powerful in weight or size and are longer living than man (the Californian tree Sequoiadendron reaches an age of 3 -5000 years) or live much shorter like Mayflies with a life expectancy of few hours.
Human beings applying logic only sporadically in the case of immediate danger, as well everywhere else in life, because their survival instinct tells them rightly to avoid it. Application of logic would be too slow and confuses essential and urgent decisions. Even the highest ranking celebrities of society follow their ‘gut feelings’ and may thereafter translate the outcome into a logical process.

The question at beginning of this chapter is the essence of this research. It is surprising that this fact of mysterious structure and organization of our biological and mental substance is hardly discussed; probably the truth is that we would become mentally overwhelmed and don’t know any more what we are up to and would not get an answer anyway.

One point of this structural coordination as subject for trillions of cells is easier to answer: after the one-off sexual reproduction of Eukaryote cells, all following cells are created by cell division as it always had been done and this is what we call a cloning process. A cloning process produces the same characteristics of the species. Cloned life therefore has less individual characteristics and makes it easier to unite them for a commonly accepted task.

Having said this, we know that also cloned cells are deviating mutationally from their origins and this happens amongst so many trillions of independent life units every second and could result in the growth of unwanted diseases or mental blockages if natural defence systems are destroyed or disregarded, this is because the basic structure of our composition doesn’t agree with actual requirements.

But independently of the cloned nature of cells, it doesn’t answer the question: how is it possible that 300 trillion of individual cell organisms are acting in accordance with each other and sensitive enough individually to be efficient throughout and assertive in no-time?

This research establishes that cells, and matter as well, are following very elementary rules to which they have adapted to in billions of years (see Quantum Atom Theory and Quantum Mechanics in the last chapter) and not changing their rudimentary origins: these are elementary patterns.

These set patterns are the guiding models for cells to follow. billions of cells with specialized functions still are executing their duties every day, every second and are not deviating from set patterns: we would not survive one minute otherwise.

The origins of our daily reactions are shown and how we are thinking and feeling according to the grains we have inherited from our ancestors – the archaea, the pre –cells and early viral life, the probably oldest biological cells and the bio-blank undifferentiated stem cells. The biochemical construction and function of cells has been researched in all detail, but the inner motivation of cell activity is still new territory; how is it possible that we are acting as a multicellular organism relatively assertive? How is it possible that this jungle of trillion of cell conglomerates is able to form a temporary existence?

A house fly reacts in one fiftieth of a second; humans reacting in one fourth of a second. Compared to the amount of cells of human individual against the fly then mankind shows a relatively higher ability to react.

But in the same instance it is the reason that larger organisms will always react slower than smaller plants or animals. This fact indicates that weight (number of cells) and the speed of communication are related to each other. (Space/time -see last chapter)

In practical terms the time of reaction doesn’t exist. This surfer, anticipates probably already the needed action in the unpredictable chaos of of wild waters. This means there are reacting 300 Trillion of cells individually utmost sensitive and ultimately refined in precision in no-time, but also are applying the remarkable physical effort. Cells are more efficient structured than multicellular organisms with each other and better structured to survive in catastrophies. The feeling of superiority of human society appears to be unfounded.

Cells travelled a long journey to this Earth. They were able to adapt through all extremes of climate and galactic crashes and catastrophes; There is no chance for human survival in a permanent struggle with hunger and endurance, to live in permanent fear of being frozen into ice or cooked in the heat of the early volcanic environment on Earth or in the Universe. And should this not to be sufficient to survive for cells, they are able to switch off and hibernate for 250 million of years, very likely, much longer.

We have inherited from our cell ancestors a tough streak which we try to destroy, taking social and logical reasons as motive.

Urey/Miller’s experiment in 1952 to create life from chemical substances is still the dream of Cartesian minded scientists and comparable to gluing wooden legs to a stone and attempting make it walk. Cell life is not possible to copy: the far reaching substance of life is made out of billions of years of experience to survive in all stages, in all climates, in all geological transformations and in all places of the Universe. This tells us about the robustness as well as variability and flexibility of the biological cell. How to produce such a thing from retorts?

Unfortunately, there is no reason for optimism: any so much needed modification of existing human customs has never, and will never, be a voluntary action as its socially pleasing foundation of our society would not accept to change the prevailing complacency; the countdown of extinguishment of larger multicellular organic life has already started. The factual beginning of such a catastrophic destruction could trigger a mutating development, but then it is too late.

In this respect we should be reminded: in evolutionary-biological literature mutation is pictured often as successful adaptation and progress to higher levels of organic life.

Nothing can be more wrong!


This picture may show probably one Million people. Compared to 300 Trillion of cells we are made of it is in percentage a hardly imaginable figure: This mass of people represents just 0,000,000,000,033 % (Thirtythree Trillionth of one percent) of our cell content, if we want to put numbers as measure.

It is just a dot compared to the rest of our body, but if only this “dot” already – comparable to one million of people – should fulfill a common task we are envisaging severe problems if we are talking about structured communication and coordination in human society. This comparison is also justified because the principle of communication between such masses works equally for cells as for humans; all are cloned individuals, all are structured singlewise, in families, in clans, in tribes and in nations. In our demographic structure we have copied the already existing structure of cell organization precisely. From the previous picture we learnt that this amount of cell individuals is able to react as a whole in 0.25% of a second. Human individuals put together like on the picture are a comprehensive unit but would just not achieve it altogether, forget even about a timed measure. They would argue with each other instead!

To describe the true facts of mutation as a mutating step: it is utmost painful and a very risky undertaking - a fall from the sky, the expulsion from paradise, high and thundering waves are crashing down on us and in nearly all cases it leads to devastation and nothing and nobody ever will have witnessed it.

Detailed contemporary biochemical scientific research about biological cells is surgical, it is like a distanced report about organic functions. It seems that they are existed somewhere but never lived.

This method of reporting is like an eye-to-eye encounter, like being present; however, it can only be reported, what the cell has stored genetically. Unfortunately, this report is limited. Things we are keen to explore are disregarded and pictures, which have minor importance in our eyes are gaining prime importance, just as the cell has registered them.

We are tracing the stages of development up to the time of the creation of the Moon as the satellite of the Earth through the ‘Giant Impact Theory’. Further on we are able to follow the Sun in its early stages of being formed and finally we find biological life without Sun; when only radiating waves, eruptions, planetary collapses, heat and eternal ice made up the surrounding world of our biological cell ancestors and then, finally – or better – at the beginning, when life is embedded in eternal calmness.

Multicellular life had no chance to survive a collision of this dimension. Biological cells are ‘hardened travellers’ and escaped – otherwise you and me would not be here. The Earth would be smashed into pieces in this crash, but we know today that it was a sliding confrontation because both bodies rotated in the same direction. This is the birth of the Moon, made from the core of the incoming planet and flying around remnants of this collusion.

This all one sees through the ‘eyes’ of the cell – of course, the cell has no eyes , but it has registered wavelengths and gravitational powers indicating very rudimentary characteristics. It has registered geological and climate changes of these prehistoric times and we can expose it in between the debris like an archaeological treasure.

We are tracing the idea of a spiritual message contained in the genome of biological cells, in a very archaic shape. We are sensing the existence of a powerful all-embracing morality and a contradicting timeless and space-less ethical direction. But nothing points to human life as being a sprocket of a giant chemo/technical apparatus how it is presented in our deterministically ruled scientific world.

The reader may question how is it possible to find out about this and observations of not an even visible biological cell and all this happened billions of years ago. He may not withhold to call it an adventurous product of a weird fantasy: such project is deemed to be drowned quickly.

Imagining the distance this research travelled and the time it took, makes it difficult for outsiders to follow straight away. According to all available information it is the first time in human history that we can view back consciously into the dawn of life. This alternative research points to many more avenues and to bring us back to our prehistoric experiences. With this sight we have the chance to evaluate our moral and ethic of values.

Some readers might admire cells successful longevity and endurance, measured in countless generations, but admit that cells are strange to us as contemporary inhabitants of the Earth despite their billions of years lasting history and survival skills. Thereby, we tend to forget we are consisting of these biological cells and without them we wouldn’t exist: we are a massed lump of cells and not a synthetic product of retort with a huge ‘I’ on top of it.

As consciousness is denied to higher or less developed mammals by religions and sciences equally; it is smiled at the idea to apply consciousness to a cell. One may then raise the questions to those philosophizing scientists: when was it then that consciousness was implanted into any form of human life? At which stage of organic evolution did this truly revolutionary act happen? Which part of the body had the honour to be presented with consciousness? Could such an important step in evolution just have happened without leaving traces somewhere and somehow? Has the triggering point been walking upright, using a tool and speaking Aramarian or Hebrew or to grabbing bananas from the trees and throwing stones?